5 Best Tasting Dry Cat Foods, (Nutritious and Delicious)

best tasting dry cat food

Cats are picky eaters, and regardless of how fancy their meal is, they might decide not to take a single bite out of it. Therefore, serving them tasty dry cat food that is just as healthy can be a challenging venture.

You might have to research a lot to find the best tasty dry cat food without slacking on the nutrition factor.

Well, we have made it easier for you by reviewing the best food options available online that would fit your cat’s taste requirements. But, before we do that, let us get down to the basics.

But before that let’s have a look at our top recommendations of Best Tasting Dry Cat Foods:

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These are the best cat food brands which are producing high-quality food which has all the nutrients that cats need to maintain muscle mass.

What are the ingredients that have great taste for your cat?

When it comes to the feline species, they find tasty might not be good for their health. Blending taste and nutrition can be a challenging task. So, you need to pick the tasty ingredients yet loaded with the right nutrition for your cat.

To do this, you need to understand more about your pet’s digestive system and the ingredients they thrive in. Each member of the feline family might have a varying appetite and palette.

Cats love to eat meat, and they thrive on a carnivorous diet. Although it might seem like most house pets would take a nibble out of anything on their plate, it is your responsibility to keep a check on their diet.

Apart from water and meat, only a few selected ingredients can be digested by the feline family.

When you shop for dry food, you can see ingredients in the packaging that involve other options and meat. That’s because a house cat can’t hunt and satisfy its nutritional requirements. So, dry meal options available in the market design the recipe according to the generic lifestyle of a house pet.

In terms of taste, cats do not like sweet food items. Plus, they also reject the idea of having bitter or acidic food. Therefore, the only meal items they love to gorge on are the ones that taste a bit.

salty. So if you happen to get your hands on anything that tastes even slightly salty, your cat would love to eat it. Also, meat is favored by the digestive system of cats.

So, here are some ingredients that would be best when added to the cat’s diet:

  • Protein from any recognizable source such as chicken, lamb, beef, etc
  • Flavors from fishes such as sea-water salmon
  • Tuna-flavored food (in limitation as a lot of tuna can lead to mercury poisoning)
  • Turkey or lean meat

Your cat might seem to love sweets, but rather the fat content they love to gorge on, not the sweetness.

In terms of wet or canned meals, cats also occasionally enjoy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, cranberries, carrots, blueberries, or even kelp.

These ingredients are healthy & tasty as well. In addition, they provide your pet with the much-needed antioxidants that fight off a plethora of diseases. Apart from this, your pet might also enjoy occasional servings of spinach, apricots, pumpkin, or broccoli.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that it is meat that your pet needs the most. So, any dry food with chicken, beef, turkey, or lean meat would be something they cherish.

Neophobia in Cats

Most cats are neophobic. It means they are reluctant to try new food options. The feline digestive system is very sensitive to sudden dietary changes, and they might not digest the new food properly.

It makes the cats very picky and helps them maintain healthy digestion.

When switching the old diet with a new one, the best bet is to shift slowly. First, try to introduce the new diet with the old one and slowly increase the quantity of the new one until it is completely replaced.

How to Know if Your Cat Likes the Food or Not?

Not all cats are equal when it comes to taste tests. While some will happily eat anything on their plates, others might not like the idea of something that isn’t tasty. So, if you have recently got them new dry cat food, it is important to check whether they like it or not.

There are certain behavioral traits you can check to ascertain whether your cat loves the new diet.

However, keep in mind that not all cats would show the same behavior, especially when they aren’t mobile, have an existing medical issue, or are impaired.

Check for these signs to confirm whether your cat likes the new food:

  • Your cat appears almost instantly when you are preparing the food item. It is applicable for dry food packages as well. If you open the pouch or food bag and your cat pops up in front of you, it is a clear sign that they love it.
  • If your pet weaves around you, tries to reach up, & stretches its body against you, it is for sure they love the new food. Some anxious cats might even try and jump on the counter to get early access to the meal.
  • Your fur friend meows or purrs while you pour the food in their bowl.
  • Some cats might do that signature “happy walk” going to their bowl while keeping their tail in the upright position. However, if you notice there isn’t any slinking posture or even the slightest signs of hesitation, it is a surefire way to say that your cat loves the food.
  • If your cat lets out an excited chirp or happy “meow” while heading over to its bowl, it is a sign that they adore the food.
  • Apart from this, if your pet’s ears are relaxed or laid in the forward direction instead of the airplane wing posture, it suggests that they are happy and love the meal.
  • Suppose they don’t hesitate from eating. It is normal for the cat to sniff for a couple of seconds, but if they go ahead and eat it, the food is good.
  • Your cat doesn’t walk away or turn its head away after sniffing its bowl.
  • The pet doesn’t cry or let out any complaining meow.
  • If your pet loves its dry diet, it will have a relaxed posture when eating.
  • Zero growling when eating the food indicates the pet loves their food.
  • When you provide the right amount of food your cat loves, it will clean up each morsel from the bowl.
  • The pet is at its best health with minimal hair fall or lethargy.

Top 5 Best Tasting Dry Cat Food

1. Meow Mix 13 Pounds Tasty Dry Cat Food

best tasting dry cat food

Available in chicken and beef flavors, the Meow Mix cat food is a tasty option for fussy eaters. The package contains a combination of crunchy pieces coated in gravy and dry, savory morsels that give your cat a relishing feasting experience.

If you plan on giving your cat some wet food, this cat food can be mixed with some water to create a unique and delicious gravy-like flavor. The Meow Mix is an amazing way to get in more water into your cat’s system.

In addition, the ingredients present in this cat meal provide your pet access to complete & balanced nutrition.

Meow Mix dry cat food is ideal for healthy cats that do not have any existing health issues. For others, you might want to consult the veterinarian first.

The dry meal contains the appropriate amount of vitamins to ensure your pet has ample nutrition to thrive. We recommend it most as the best tasting dry cat food.

If your cat is allergic to soybean meal or corn gluten, it is better to stir clear of this diet. Otherwise, this tasty cat food is ideal for all healthy cats. In addition, cat food contains natural flavors instead of artificial ones, which add to the health factor.


  • It can be turned into gravy-based wet meal for hydration requirements
  • Works best as a topper for your cat’s regular food
  • Gravy-coating helps keep the meal fresh for the longest
  • A good amount of dry meal for the pricing
  • Guaranteed 30 percent crude protein content


  • It might be fattening for some cats
  • It isn’t great for cats that don’t do well with corn

2. Rachael Ray Savory Best Tasting Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Savory Bites Dry Cat Food

One thing cats adore without a doubt is a dish loaded with the goodness of salmon. The Rachael Ray Nutrish is a top-quality dry food for cats that brings in the taste of salmon combined with veggies to ensure the best health for your pet.

These crunchy bites come with a flavor-packed center that makes each meal a savory treat for your fur friend. The dry cat food comes with added minerals, vitamins, & nutrients. Moreover, the food item doesn’t have any poultry-based by-product meal.

If your cat is allergic to ingredients such as soy or wheat, this dry diet is ideal for daily nutritional requirements. The Rachael Ray dry cat food is also free from any artificial coloring or flavors that might harm your pet’s digestion or overall health.

This 5-pound cat food contains real, high-quality salmon, which is tasty and easy to digest protein. It helps support the maintenance of healthy organs and lean muscles in your pet.

Additionally, this dry meal is rich in nutritious Omega-3 that helps support the pet’s cognitive health.


  • It helps make the cat’s skin and hair healthy/shiny
  • Crunchy bites that help keep your pet’s teeth plaque and tartar-free
  • Also available in a chicken and veggie alternative
  • Gluten-free diet for cats that are allergic
  • Natural Annatto extract to add color to the food


  • Bags do not reseal, needs to be stored in an air-tight container
  • The smell isn’t as likable for most cats

3. 9Lives Daily Essentials Dry Cat Food

9Lives Dry Cat Food

With 9Lives Daily dry cat food, you provide your pet access to a complete nutrition profile along with a taste that makes your pet purr with happiness. In addition, the omega-3 present in the cat food helps promote a healthier and shinier coat while relieving any allergies or itching issues.

It supports healthy bone health and growth through different stages of your cat’s life. The high-quality crude protein content helps support the growth of strong muscles.

The cat meal also contains a good amount of taurine that helps maintain your cat’s heart health while promoting better vision.

9Lives also makes your cat happy with its versatile flavor profile that includes beef, chicken, & salmon to entice your pet. In addition, the cat food has a considerably low amount of magnesium that ensures better urinary health for your pet.

Moreover, pet food comes at an affordable price tag given the health, nutrition, and quality.

If your cat doesn’t drink the right amount of water, 9Lives gives them the essential moisture, which is about 12 percent of the total ingredients in the food.


  • Plant-loaded kibble with a low-fat content that is perfect for obese cats
  • It consists of animal-based fat content that is easy to digest
  • Affordable pricing for the nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Contains right amount of taurine for vision and heart health
  • Formulated for picky cats with digestive issues


  • It contains artificial colors that could have negative health issues
  • A high amount of carbohydrates present in the food

4. Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food

best tasting dry cat food

When it comes to taste, Purina has always taken the cake. The Purina Friskies cat food is a tasty option for picky eaters. With its blend of chicken, salmon, garden greens, and cheese, this dry food provides your cat a complete & balanced nutrition profile designed for adult cats.

If your cat has been struggling with weight loss, the Purina Friskies will help keep your pet’s weight at a healthy level. In addition, the dry food packs in healthy fatty acids help promote healthy skin & coat while keeping it shiny.

The formula is designed to keep your cat’s bones, and muscles strong as the pet learns to jump, climb, explore, & play around with other cats in the area.

In addition, the corns present in the food keep your pet feeling fuller for longer and help avoid binge eating issues. And these features make it the best tasting dry cat food.

The cat food also contains soybean meal which helps eliminate hairballs and provides helpful fiber for easy digestion. However, for cats that are allergic to soy, it should be completely avoided.


  • It contains beef tallow that is mixed with tocopherols or vitamin E
  • It consists of Turkey as added protein content
  • Packs in about 30 percent crude protein content
  • It has a good amount of moisture at 12 percent
  • It contains 0.12 percent taurine for a healthy metabolism


  • Packs in a high amount of carbohydrates
  • Expensive as compared to its competitors

5. Purina Beyond Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Ocean Whitefish & Egg Adult Dry Cat Food

For cats that are allergic to grain, the Purina Beyond is a perfect go-to food option. Its grain-free, natural formula comprises healthy nutritional choices that include whitefish and egg.

In addition, the crunchy texture of the kibble ensures the cat’s mouth is free from plaque or tartar development.

Its high protein content makes it perfect for cats that like to sniff out everything before they eat. The dry food is also loaded with naturally occurring probiotics that help maintain the pet’s digestive health.

Moreover, the dry food doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors.

Although dry meal, the Purina Beyond contains a good amount of hydration that can be used as a topper. The dry food doesn’t contain factory-farmed ingredients; rather, cage-free egg and wild-caught whitefish for optimum nutrition.

Moreover, it also doesn’t contain any poultry by-product meal as the prime ingredient. The pellets are enlarged to slow down the eating speed and hence avoid choking issues.

The cat food also promotes better immune support with optimum digestion. Each package is manufactured efficiently while reducing waste production or water wastage.


  • Reasonably priced food for its features and nutritional value
  • It doesn’t contain any wheat, corn, and soy
  • It contains naturally preserved fat contain from beef to serve as a source of energy
  • Ocean whitefish helps cats maintain and build healthy muscles
  • Essential minerals support proper nerve functioning


  • It makes the poop smell bad when fed daily
  • The texture might be unappealing for some cats

Frequently Asked Questions

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When you switch to a new dry cat food formula, it is better to go slow, especially when your cat is a fussy eater. Cats have a better smell as compared to the taste. So, a food option that smells good will taste good for your pet.

If your pet doesn’t eat well, even if you have tried everything, it is ideal to consult your veterinarian and get to the bottom of the problem.