My Cat Ate Dog Food And Is Now Sick?

my cat ate dog food and is now sick

If your cat has ever eaten dog food, you know that it’s not a pretty sight.

Unfortunately, my cat recently ate some dog food and is now experiencing the consequences.

To deal with the issue, I consult with vets and do a lot of research that I wish to share with you as my experience and knowledge, so let’s start.

Cats are not dogs, and their nutritional needs are also different. As a result, while a bite of dog food is typically considered safe for cats, in the end, it can’t provide your cat with all of the nutrients it requires.

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Getting to Know the Cat Food

According to the vest; Cats require taurine-rich food. Taurine is a necessary amino acid for heart functioning, vision, and reproduction. Because taurine is only found in animal-based protein, all cats must eat meat-based diets to fulfill their nutrient needs.

Taurine is necessary for cats, as well. Cat food contains a lot of protein, calories, fat, and taurine in the correct proportions. Patrick Mahaney DVM at PetSafe further explains that healthy cat food resembles:

  • Natural, whole-food ingredients
  • High-quality animal proteins (at least 30%)
  • Healthy, animal-based fats (about 15% to 20%)
  • Digestible carbohydrates and fiber
  • Essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids
  • No by-products, fillers, or artificial additives

How to Treat Sickness of the Cat from Eating Dog Food

If your cat ate dog food and is now sick, the first step is to take them to the vet.

At the vet, they will likely give your cat some fluids to ease the stomach and monitor their progress. If your cat is vomiting or has diarrhea, they may also provide them with some medication to help with that.

If your cat is acting normal otherwise and has an upset stomach, you can try some home remedies.

First, withhold food for 12-24 hours. It will give their stomach a chance to rest. You can offer small amounts of water during this time.

After the fasting period, start offering small amounts of a bland diet. It can be boiled chicken or fish, cottage cheese, or an over-the-counter product like A/D Critical Care FormulaThen, gradually increase the volume of bland food over the next few days.

If your cat does not improve after a few days on the bland diet, take them back to the vet for more tests and treatment.

Are There Any Nutritional Benefits to Feeding Cats Dog Food?

Dogs and cats have different food preferences, but they also have unique nutritional requirements. For example, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they only get nutrients from animal sources.

Dogs, on the other hand, are omnivores. Therefore, their nutrition requirements include components of animal and plant (i.e., grains, vegetables).

Complete and balanced diets for dogs may not be wholly balanced for cats. For example, taurine is an amino acid necessary for cat survival that must be obtained through food. Dogs, on the other hand, can manufacture their taurine.

How Much is Dog Food Safe for Cats? 

Cats can safely eat cat food, so if your pet consumes a minuscule amount here and there, it should not make them sick. The Clinical Nutrition Service, on the other hand, warns that there are several essential points to consider:

  1. Healthy cats can eat dog food in strict administration only. If your cat has a health issue, this general guideline does not apply.
  2. Your cat response to certain foods varies dramatically from one cat to the next. “Cats must be treated individually,” according to the Clinical Nutrition Service, since some cats may eat specific food and have no issues. In contrast, others can develop vomiting, diarrhea, or other negative symptoms after eating the same thing.”
  3. Size and frequency are crucial. For example, if your cat becomes accustomed to eating dog food and it begins to take the place of cat food, she will not be able to get all of the nutrients her body requires, and her health will decline.

Can You Feed Dog Food to Cats Regularly

The bottom line is that dog food does not replace cat food. It’s not a question of clever marketing ploys to get you to spend more money and carry more bags around—the two things are in fact distinct, and they aren’t interchangeable.

Cats require specific nutrients in their diet and those must be met by a diet that is formulated specifically for them.

The easiest and most convenient method to fulfill a cat’s nutritional demands is to give them a commercial food developed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist or an animal nutrition PhD holder.”

If you’re wondering whether the food you’re giving your cat provides all of the nutrients she needs, bring it up with your veterinarian. They may assist you in selecting suitable alternatives for your dog based on her nutritional requirements.

Specifically Why Dog Food is Bad for Dogs?

If a dog food includes Vitamin A, it’s most likely not enough Vitamin A to satisfy your cat’s demands. So what’s the problem? Vitamin A is required for optimal muscle and nerve health. So the first indication of a vitamin A shortage is a flaky and dry coat.

Cats require taurine in their diets, not found in dog food. Taurine has a wide range of effects, including the immune system, heart muscle function, digestion, vision, and even pregnancy and fetal development.

The heart is typically the first organ affected by a taurine deficiency.

Archidonic acids are not found in dog foods. Arachidonic acids do not exist in dogs, which means they cannot produce them themselves. If necessary, cats require adequate arachidonic acids to maintain an appropriate inflammatory response.

It is also important for good digestive and reproductive health, as well as blood clotting and skin development.

Dog Food As Treats for Cats

It is, however, better not to overdo it. However, while this might be fine in other situations, dogs are notorious for becoming picky and turning to food that isn’t their usual. This is why many of veterinarians and trainers urge people not to offer dog kibble to cats not even as treats.

But as per my experience, offering dog food as treats to your cats is not harmful but do not make it a routine.

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Cats and dogs can live together in peace, but their food dishes don’t mix. So feeding your cats and dogs separately is the simplest method to go about it.

If you have multiple pets, the best way to ensure that everyone gets the nutrition they need is to feed them separately.

It’s also possible that your cat is hungry and needs to eat. Your cat may need something like a bath or grooming, but you will notice it if she is not in her normal state of mind.

If this happens frequently enough, then your cat could be sick. For example, if you feed your feline companion only once every 24 hours, this could be the case.

They enjoy their personal space and solitude while eating, and they don’t always want to share a common bowl.