How to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Food? (10 Ways / Solutions)

how to stop dog from eating cat food

I’m sure that you’ve had a pet who has eaten something they were not supposed to at some point in your life. It’s a challenge for dog owners when their pets eat cat food because the two types of food are different and may cause digestive upset.

As a pet owner, I know how difficult it can be to stop your dog from eating cat’s meal. It’s vital that we learn the best ways to keep our dogs away from their kitty counterparts and find out what we can do when they get into trouble. This guide will help you with all of these things!

So let’s find out how to stop dog from eating cat food?

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Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Food?

There are several reasons why dogs eat cat food. The main reason that dogs go after their feline counterparts is that they smell so appetizing! The smell and taste of higher protein is the main reason dogs love it. Cat meal has a more pungent smell than dog food. This can be overwhelming, especially if your cat is constantly leaving it out.

Your canine friend might be trying to supplement their diet with something that has a higher protein content than most commercially available dog meals can provide.

They also might be bored and looking for a snack that’s a little more stimulating.

Why is Cat Foods Not Good for Dogs?

Cat foods are not Nutritionally balanced for dogs; they contain a high amount of protein, calories, and fat which is not ideal for dogs. In addition, dogs were initially bred as companions, not predators.

It can harm your dog’s health if they eat kitty meal. This is because the protein levels are too high for them to digest, plus there’s too much fat and not enough fiber for them to process.

Those who consume it daily are more likely to become obese and develop potentially fatal pancreatitis, an organ inflammation that aids the digestive process.

A dog may die from eating food that plundered from an unsuspecting cat’s bowl.

10 Way to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Food

There are several things that you can do to stop your dog from eating cat meal daily. Not only will these techniques be highly effective, but they’re also affordable and straightforward.

1. Make Food Bowls Distinguishable

If your dog is constantly eating from the kitty’s bowl, making their food apparatuses distinguishable can be challenging.

The most common solution for this is putting different color tape around your pet’s bowl. This way, they won’t get confused and commit the mistake of going in for a second helping which will help you stop dogs from eating kitty food!

Alternatively, you can buy different color bowls for both pets.

2. Use Dog Proof Cat Food Station

This is how to stop dogs from eating kitty meal by keeping the two foods separate. This can be done by buying a dog-proof station that keeps your cat’s food secure and off the ground.

3. Maintain a Schedule and Observe Feeding Times

Dogs thrive on routine, and if your pet eats on a schedule, they’re more likely to avoid their food bowl. Often, how to stop dogs from eating cat meal is done because they see that their owners aren’t around and eat the cat’s food instead.

By keeping a set time for feeding, you can ensure that your dog is less likely to eat the cat food.

4. Teach Your Dog Leave It Command

Soon they’ll realize that if they go near the kitty food, you’re going to give them a command to back away. Can teach this in basic obedience training.

5. Reward Your Dog for Leaving Cat Food Alone

When you give your dog the command to leave it, make sure that they follow through.

A good way of doing this is by rewarding them with a tasty treat or game after they refrain from eating the kitty’s food. Can do this in basic training exercises to help your pet associate the act with positive things.

6. Feeding Together is Also a Solution

If you want to save time and energy, it might be a good idea to feed your pets together. This way, you can prevent any meal theft-related mishaps.

While this is not an ideal solution if your pet has a history of stealing the cat’s food, it’s certainly better than nothing!

7. Elevate the Cat Food Bowl

Since it’s harder for a dog to take the food from an elevated bowl, you can solve the problem simply by elevating your cat’s dish.

This way, they’ll be less likely to go in for a second helping of kitty chow since it will be more complex and time-consuming.

8. Feed Your Cat Through Interactive Puzzle Toys

If you want to stop your dog from eating kitty food, then it might be best to feed the kitty in a way that makes them work for their meal.

Feeding Puzzle Games are becoming increasingly popular these days and can make feeding time incredibly stimulating for pets. This will not only provide them with entertainment but also help your kitty maintain a healthy weight!

9. Remove the Opportunity

Remove the opportunity with innovative ideas, so they cannot access the cat’s meal. A few ideas are:

  • Use Physical Barrier: A pet gate or baby gate can keep the dog away from the kitty’s place; you can lock the gate during mealtime.
  • Use a Muzzle: If the dog is too determined to eat the furrkid’s meal, you can muzzle them while they’re eating.
  • Secure Cat Room with Strap: Strap the door of the room where your cat’s food is kept so that dog can’t open it.
  • Put Away Uneaten Food:   After your kitty has finished meals, make sure to put the leftover meal away. This will prevent them from going back for seconds.
  • Lure Your Dog Away From Food: If you want to stop dogs from eating cat meal, it is best to keep a pet-safe spray that can be used as a deterrent when a kitty’s serving.

10. Use Automatic Cat Food Feeders

If your pet is starving and you are not around, automatic cat food feeders can be a great choice.

Felins bowls may attract dogs, but most dogs are not familiar with the fat food feeders, and it is possible to dispense the right amount of food that felines can eat easily.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Once or Twice?

Eating a bowl full once or twice is usually no big deal, but dogs shouldn’t eat cat meals full-time because of the nutritional differences.

Some dogs like to eat fat and calorie-rich cat food. If your dog is eating cat meal regularly, it’s time to stop them from eating cat food on an immediate basis.

My Dog Ate Cat Food Will He Be Okay?

In most situations, a bowl of cat food will not cause significant issues for dogs. Some may experience mild to moderate intestinal issues or upset stomachs, and those with sensitive stomachs, especially the smart breeds, may even barf, but that’s about it.

As a furkid parent, you must be aware of how much cat food cost? And what to feed a cat when out of food? As well as if you have multiple pets at your home cats, and dog, then get information about how to keep cat food away from dogs? It is necessary to ensure your kitty gets what you fill in her bowl.

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Wrap Up

One way to stop dogs from eating cat food is by removing the opportunity. One solution would be to put away uneaten food after your pet has finished their meal or use a muzzle when you feed them so they can’t take any more bites.

You could also try luring the dog away with an interactive puzzle toy, securing a room where the cat’s dish is stored, and using an automatic kitty feeder if you’re not home during mealtime.

If all else fails, it might be best just to give up on feeding pets together in one place altogether!