9 Ways to Soften Dry Cat Food?

how to soften dry cat food

Dry cat food is a popular and affordable option for pet owners, but it can be tough on a kitty’s delicate digestive system. It keeps the teeth healthy, but its crunchiness becomes a challenge sometimes.

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably give your cat dry food as their primary source of nutrition. While dry food is generally good for cats, it can sometimes be difficult to chew, especially if they have sensitive teeth. If your cat struggles to eat dry food because it’s too hard, follows these tips to soften it.

So, let’s learn how to soften dry cat food?

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9 Methods to Soften the Dry Cat Food

1. Add Warm Water

One of the easiest ways to soften dry food is simply by adding warm water. Just pour a small amount onto your cat’s food, and let it sit for a few minutes. As the mixture soaks into the food, it will make it softer and more accessible for your kitty to eat.

2. Add Broth

Another way to make dry cat food softer is by adding a little bit of chicken broth. The broth will help moisten the food and give your kitty something tasty to drink.

3. Add Cat Gravy

Cat gravy is also a good solution for those who struggle with kibble. It’s wet and can be added directly to your cat’s food to help soften it up and make it easier for your cat to eat. You can also mix the gravy with dry food before serving, which will result in a moister meal that is easy for your kitty to digest.

4. Use a Blender

Blenders help you turn the large kibble pieces into smaller ones, and when adding some liquid, you can make a shake that your cats will love.

5. Add Kitten Formula

Kitten formula can also be added to dry cat food. Many cats prefer the taste of kitten formula over one for adult cats, so this may be a preferred solution.

Additionally, kitten formula is often easier for older or sick cats to digest than traditional kibble–always speak with your vet before feeding your kitty something new!

6. Mix With Wet Food

If your cat is used to eating wet food, you can try mixing the dry with it. Some cats prefer their foods to be moister, so this may be a good solution.

Just make sure that you don’t mix too much of it, or your kitty might refuse both food types!

7. Try Cat Milk

If you’re looking for something specifically designed to be easy for cats to digest, try cat milk. It will go directly into your kitty’s bloodstream to get the nutrients they need without struggling with the dry food.

8. Use Meat Toppers

Meat toppers are also a good option for cat owners who struggle with dry food, making them out of real meat.

These can be mixed with kibble or poured on top of it, giving your kitty the moisture they need while still enjoying their favorite type of food.

9. Using a Wet Paper Towel to Soften Dry Cat Food

Try moistening a paper towel, cover the food in that towel; let it for some time so the food can soak the moist from the towel. Cats naturally prefer wet foods, so they may be more willing to eat this way.

Can I Grind Dry Cat Food?

You can ground dry cat food into powder form and put it in a mixer with some wet food to give your cat a better meal.

Can I Mix Different Brands of Dry Cat Food?

Yes, you can try mixing two different types of dry cat food to give your cats a good meal. But ask your wet before mixing two more brands. Sometimes different formulations make result in undesired results.

Can I Mix Dry Cat Food with Milk?

You can give your cat milk by mixing dry cat food into that milk. However, before giving this to your cats, check both ingredients’ labels to learn about nutritional values. If you find any element that may cause an allergy to your cat, you can search for an alternative.

Is It Good to Mix Wet and Dry Cat Food?

Mixing wet and dry cat food is the best and most healthy idea.

This way, it is more beneficial for your cat’s health because both provide different benefits that one cannot give (moist helps cats’ digestion while dry provides some necessary nutrients).

How to Turn Dry Cat Food Into Wet?

To soften dry cat food, you can soak it in water or meat broth. Most cats prefer their food moist, which makes this an ideal solution. However, make sure to drain the water off after giving it to your cat, so they don’t drink too much and have digestive problems!

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