3 Best Non Prescription Cat Foods for Kidney Disease (Wet and Dry)

best non prescription cat food for kidney disease

Knowing that your cat is struggling with kidney issues can be tough for a pet parent. One needs to keep track of several dos and don’ts when handling pets with chronic kidney issues. When spotted early on, your feline friend would live happy and healthy for years to come.

The best way to help extend a cat’s life when struggling with kidney issues is to get them started on cat food that has helped alleviate the issues.

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You can prevent kidney disease if you earlier move on to senior cat food, so you can have nutrition as well as get a chance to stay protected from kidney problems.

Importance of Right Food for Cats with Kidney Issues

With a well-planned dietary management strategy, you can help alleviate the symptoms of kidney issues in your cat. Sure, you cannot undo the damage that is already done. However, with the right diet in place, you can prevent any future adversities that might happen.

It is the best-known way to decrease the progress of the disease, minimize symptoms, & give the cat a chance to live their best lives.

What to Look for in Cat Food for Kidney Diseases?

It would help if you kept in mind several things when looking for the right cat food for your feline suffering from kidney issues. First, when the dietary protein breaks down indigestion, it produces waste. A healthy kidney can filter out the waste & pass it through poop and straight into your cat’s litter box.

However, as your pet starts to lose its kidney function, the process of waste removal becomes incredibly difficult.

Instead of being passed through the cat’s body, the waste remains in your cat’s bloodstream. This leads to an increase in the blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels in cats that suffer from CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease.

To reduce the BUN levels, felines with CKD are given food items with protein restrictions.

However, the key is not to deprive your cat of protein content, as it can lead to a rapid decrease in muscle mass along with poor physical stature.

As opposed to cutting down the calorie level to 20 percent from protein, pet parents can choose to give their cat a moderate level of low-waste, highly digestible protein from top-notch animal sources.

Simply put, you should ensure that your cat feels better and not worse with a diet change. A protein-restricted diet would help your cat feel better to a certain point.

However, it would lead to rapid muscle loss & weakness. Before you opt for a protein-deficient diet, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of doing the same.

Should You Select a Diet with Low Phosphorus Content for Your Cat?

As your cat’s kidney function starts to decline, phosphorus doesn’t filter out properly. This leads to a rapid buildup of phosphorus in your cat’s bloodstream. As this happens, your pet will start feeling ill & the kidney function will decline even more.

A proven way to prevent this problem is by bringing down the phosphorus content in your feline’s diet. An ideal food routine for your cat that suffers from CKD should contain 0.5 percent or less phosphorus content in dry matter.

Opt for Low Sodium Levels in Cat Food

As is known, excessive consumption of sodium can enhance blood pressure & worsen your cat’s kidney issues. Therefore, most veterinarians suggest that cats with renal issues should consume a diet short in sodium level. You must also avoid giving your cat treats that are high in sodium levels, such as salty cheese or luncheon meat.

Opt for a Diet with Omega-3 to Reduce Inflammation

Most cats that suffer from kidney diseases develop kidney inflammation or nephritis. So, make sure you select supplements with anti-inflammatory components along with omega-3 acids like DHA and EPA.

The fatty acids feature the ability to bring down inflammation while helping the cat feel better.

Humans & other animals tend to benefit from plant-based omega-3 from sources such as flaxseed oils. However, felines can only use the ones that come from animal fat. A good source of such healthy fatty acids includes fish oils such as menhaden oil, sardine oil, krill oil, and salmon oil.

Pet parents can also opt for green-lipped mussels. Apart from being a rich source of omega-3, they also contain concentrated ETA fatty acids.

You can also opt for supplements dedicated to supplying your cat with the daily requirements for omega-3.

Don’t forget those vitamins

Cats that suffer from kidney disease tend to urinate a lot. This leads to a rapid loss of crucial vitamins from their body. It is especially true for vitamin B. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to appetite loss and poor health.

As pet parents, you need to seek a diet fortified with B-complex vitamins to ensure your cat always thrives and doesn’t face any deficiency. In addition, it is essential to support your cat’s muscle functions & nervous system well-being.

Simply put, your cat with kidney disease should be given a diet with given qualities:

  • Restricted or high-quality protein
  • High-calorie density
  • Low level of phosphorus
  • Higher level of vitamin-B
  • Limited sodium levels
  • Omega-3 from animal sources

Top 3 Non-Prescription Cat Foods for Kidney Disease

1. Best Non Prescription Cat Food for Kidney Disease

Wet Cat Food Kidney RENAL ACTIWET with Lamb 3.5oz, Adult Cat Food Wet, Renal Support Canned Cat Food

Cats with kidney issues must stay well hydrated. This is why it is ideal for offering them wet food instead of dry cat food. In addition, the Forza10 Renal Actiwet features high-quality lamb protein that helps support better renal activity.

This wet cat food is ideal for cat breeds of all sizes dealing with kidney issues. Its delicious recipe doesn’t contain any grain, which is helpful for cats with stomach problems. Instead, the protein content comes from pasture-raised lambs from New Zealand.

Moreover, the formula has an ideal mix of therapeutic and natural plants & fruits. It helps the felines with stomach sensitivity without losing the taste factor. Forza10 canned food is formulated to help the felines suffering from cardiac and renal issues.


  • Ideal for cats suffering from acute or chronic renal failure
  • It contains low phosphorus and protein levels
  • It contains 100 percent healthy and natural ingredients
  • The ingredients in the food are easy to digest
  • It doesn’t contain any GMO, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, by-products, or artificial preservatives


  • The smell of the canned food can be off-putting for certain cats
  • The packaging is very flimsy

2. Royal Canin Renal Support Feline Diet

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal Support E Loaf In Sauce Canned Cat Food

The Royal Canin feline diet is formulated to support better kidney health for felines that suffer from kidney disease. This seafood flavored feline diet is recommended for cat breeds of all sizes. The formula is enticing and savory to aid in appetite stimulation in your pet.

The soft texture of the food encourages your cat to eat without being picky. In addition, if your cat has been dealing with appetite loss, this dietary choice helps promote energy loss with more energy delivered per morsel. Therefore, even with a reduced meal volume, your cat would be able to sustain its muscle mass.

The formula also helps promote better kidney function, given its precise antioxidant profile. Royal Canin feline diet also comprises fatty acids extracted from high-quality fish oil. Moreover, it is low in phosphorus content to aid better kidney health.


  • Delivers the exact protein levels without any spikes
  • It helps stimulate your cat’s appetite with better energy levels
  • An enticing formula that aids even picky eaters
  • It contains a high-quality antioxidant complex for reduced inflammation
  • Seafood protein with limited protein for better kidney health


  • A bit on the costly side
  • It tends to make some cats gaseous

3. Forza10 Active Kidney Dry Renal Diet for Adult Cats

Forza10 Active Kidney Renal Diet Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats, Cat Food Dry for Heart and Kidney Problems

The Forza10 kidney-care dry cat food helps improve your cat’s kidney function & alleviates heart issues. Its formula helps reduce heart problems while keeping your feline healthy and happy. Forza10 is created with salmon, anchovies, & other therapeutic plants that provide ample nutrition to aid your pet’s health.

The adult cat food is nourishing and recommended by veterinarians for cats that deal with kidney problems. The formula keeps your cat nourished and full of energy throughout the day. It also has an amazing taste that keeps your cat interested every time the food is served.

Moreover, this renal diet comprises low protein, phosphorus, and sodium content to ensure your cat feels healthy at all times. No doubt it’s the best non prescription cat food for kidney disease.


  • Premium-quality content that aids renal health
  • It doesn’t contain any soy or wheat
  • Free of artificial preservatives or GMOs
  • Created from hydrolyzed protein acquired from fish
  • Promotes easy digestion for cats with digestive problems


  • It might require soaking in water for better hydration
  • Cats do not like its heart-shaped pellets

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Kidney issues in felines can be worrying news for pet parents. However, with proper planning, healthcare, and the right diet, you can ensure that your cat stays healthy and full of energy. Ensure that the protein comes from one high-quality source and not multiple poor-quality sources.

Moreover, hydration is a must for all cats dealing with kidney issues. So, ensure they get as much water to promote better optimum waste filtration minus inflammation or infection.