Why Is My Cat Scratching the Floor Near Her Food?

why is my cat scratching the floor near her food

Cats are territorial creatures, and it is not uncommon for them to mark their territory by scratching things around the house. Do you ever wonder why is my cat scratching the floor near her food?

One place they do this is near their food dish, which may lead you to believe that they don’t like the type of food you’re giving them or that it’s too close to where they sleep.

However, if your cat scratches on the floor next to her food bowl but does not scratch anywhere else in the house, then she might be trying to tell you something else entirely! 

Why is my cat scratching the floor near her food? Scratching or pawing about the meal is a natural and intuitive behavior. It’s a good idea to keep food in an easily accessible container for your cat so she can fake cover it if she needs to avoid predators.

They may use anything from towels to blankets to conceal their bowl, depending on the circumstance.

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What They Mark Through Scratching Near Food?

You see, cats use scent glands located on their paws, and when they scratch at objects in your home, including near their food dishes, what ends up being left behind is a pungent smell from these glands mixed with saliva.

This allows cats to mark their territory with a unique olfactory fingerprint effectively.

In most cases, the odor from the scent glands is enough to convey a message, but in some instances, it might be necessary for your cat to add urine or feces into the mix.

If your cat is scratching near an area that another cat has already marked, then she might view that as a challenge and try to establish dominance.

Is It Natural For Cats To Leave Marks Near Food?

Cats have an instinct to scratch near their food. This is because cats are territorial, and scratching lets other animals know that the space belongs to them.

Cats also scratch to remove old nail sheaths, stretch their muscles, and work out any kinks from sleeping or sitting too long.

By understanding how your cat behaves when they’re scratching near their food, you can better understand why they do it and help them adjust accordingly!

Do Cats Try To Bury Their Food to Eat Later?

Cats will sometimes bury their food for a few reasons.

Cats do this to keep other animals from smelling it and make it harder for other animals to find.

Cats also do this because it is a survival tactic from their wild days where they bury food in the ground and come back later.

In some cases, a cat might try to bury a bone or a treat to save it for later, leaving the bowl out their want to eat or fight over the food.

If a cat in the house isn’t used to sharing, your cat might try burying her food to prevent conflict from breaking out when she eats.

What If You See Your Cat Scratching Near Food?

There can be several reasons like:

  • To mark their territory
  • To Hide The Scent Of The Food
  • To Keep The Space Clean
  • Too Much Food
  • They Don’t Like The Food

In some cases, your cat scratching near food might be a sign that they’re not happy with the type of food you’re giving them or where it’s located.

It could be a good idea to switch up their food and move their feeding station to see if this changes their behavior.

If your cat is still clawing at the floor near her food, then you might want to use a deterrent in that area.

This can be anything from putting up the sticky tape to keep your cat away or spraying the area with water when they start scratching in that spot.

What Can I Do to Keep My Cat From Scratching Near Food?

Cats scratch when they want to mark their territory. Limiting your cat’s access to the house and keeping them away from furniture and windowsills might help keep them from scratching in areas you don’t want them near.

If your cat is clawing at the floorboards close to their food, then you might want to try moving their feeding station or putting a deterrent in that area.

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You Can Also Try:

  • Put sticky tape on the floor near your cat’s eating space.
  • Spray your cat with water when they start scratching in a specific spot.
  • Limit their access to the house, put up the sticky tape in problem areas, and encourage them to use a scratching post instead.
  • Changing up their food or moving their feeding station might help too!