How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away? (Explained & Solved)

how to feed cat wet food while away

Are you a 9 to 5 job holder with cats as pets? Well, you can surely relate when we tell that keeping your cat while you are away can be a major stress, especially if your cat is a picky eater. Now, feeding them dry food isn’t as tricky as feeding the wet food. While dry food is fine every now and then, wet food is considered healthier.

However, your cat might not like that wet texture and choose not to eat it while you are away. So, how would you feed your cat wet food while focusing on other important matters away from the house? let see How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away!

Here are some tips and tricks you can try on the go to ensure your cat doesn’t starve in your absence.

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Feeding Your Cat Wet Food: Different Ways that Help

Whether you are going to your office or plan to stay out a bit longer, it is better to have a feeding plan ready for your furry partner. Cats generally are independent creatures & natural survivors. However, they might still require basic affection and care from their human partner.

Things get especially tricky with wet food. So, let us check out the proven methods that help keep your pet fed while you are busy away from the house.

1-Give Them A Mix of Wet & Dry Food:

If you plan to stay away for longer than 10 hours, it is better to stick to dry cat food. It ensures that your cat doesn’t have to deal with food that is prone to go bad. In addition, dry food tends to stay fresh for longer & is easier to portion out when you are gone.

However, this could be tricky if your cat doesn’t like dry food. The best way to trick them into changing their mind is to refrain from a direct switch.

Instead, start by giving them a small portion of dry food mixed with wet and slowly increase it with time. Doing this allows the cat to get acquainted with the dry food’s taste and would love to nibble on them the next time you serve them a plate of dry food.

It might also happen that your cat doesn’t switch completely to the idea of dry food. However, they will grow tolerant and might adjust in case there is no other option available.

Another way you can pique interest in your cat-related to dry food is to give it to them in the form of treats. Make use of interactive toys that are loaded with different types of dry kibble. In this way, you can keep the cat engaged, fed, and active all through the day.

2-Automated Cat Feeders:

An automated cat feeder will surely be an amazing option for picky cats. It is an innovative method that ensures your cat is well fed throughout the day. So even if you don’t plan to spend more than a couple of hours away, this exquisite technology can keep you tension-free while ensuring that your feline doesn’t have to look throughout the house for some food.

So, how does this machine work? Now, some variants in the market can be used to dispense the food at certain time slots. These machines have internal times within the device, and when you set it at a designated interval, it can help keep your cat fed.

Now, this machine can help provide your cat with the right amount of food without overdoing it. It can help break the cat’s meal into ideal portions. If your cat needs to have its prescription medication, it can be mixed with wet food to be dispensed regularly.

If your house has more than one cat on the premise, the food dispenser can keep them all fed for a day or more, depending on the size of the unit.

3-Seek Help from a Relative or Friend You Trust:              

If you plan on leaving your cat at home for a day or two, it could be easily manageable with automated wet food dispensers. However, if you have plans that extend beyond 2 to 3 days, it is better to seek help from a friend or relative you can trust to keep your cat fed.

Try to contact someone who has come in contact with your feline and to one to whom your cat responds well. It will help them interact and play while ensuring that the cat isn’t abandoned completely.

You can mix the use of an automated feeder to ensure your helping friend or relative doesn’t have to visit them frequently. A quick visit every 2 days or so can be ideal for filling in the feeder and spend some quality time with the cats.

4-Opt for a Cat Sitter:

Having someone in the family that can take care of your cat in your absence is no less than a blessing in disguise. However, this might not be the case for everyone. Thankfully, you can avail the services of professional cat sitters that can get the job for a small fee.

They are trained professionally to take care of everything that your feline would need while you are gone. It can include taking them out for a quick walk, changing their litter box, playing with them, or even feeding them at regular intervals.

Now, before you go on and hire a professional to take care of your cats, make sure you check whether they are qualified for the task. Also, let them know if your cat is on medications to ensure that the treatment is always delivered in time.

Finally, make sure you check through the service reviews to ensure you hire a reliable professional.

Types of Wet Cat Feeders You Can Try While You Are Away

In case you fail to get help from a friend/family or a cat sitter, you can opt for feeders that can get your cat through the day without the need to worry while you are out. Here are some options you can try.

1-Automated Cat Feeders:

These feeders are perfect for cat owners who are out of home daily for more than a couple of hours. However, you might not always make it home when it is mealtime for your cat. With the help of an automated cat feeder, you can schedule the meals as required.

While most automatic feeders are designed for dry food, you can get ones meant for wet food. In addition, you can select the amount of food that needs to be dispensed at your desired intervals.

Several models can also be operated through your phone to ensure that your cat eats their food regularly with no change in their schedules while away.


  • Can be timed as per your cat’s existing schedule
  • Dispenses food in a balanced amount
  • Some brands have remote control option for scheduling from a smartphone


  • Only a few brand options are available for wet food dispensing
  • Wet food options can be costlier as compared to the dry variants

2-Aluminum or Stainless Steel Bowls:

Food bowls are available in different shapes and sizes, along with a range of materials available to fit into your budget. However, when feeding your wet cat food, it is important to consider selecting the right material.

For example, plastic bowls might be cheaper and easily available. However, they aren’t as sturdy and are prone to bacterial accumulation with time.

So, the key is to opt for stainless steel/aluminum bowls to feed your cats. Cats are notoriously popular for throwing bowls or anything that they can lay their hands on.

Having a heavy stainless steel/aluminum feeding bowl will ensure that they don’t topple it or displace it from its original location.


  • Easy to clean & durable enough for regular use
  • It isn’t prone to bacterial accumulation as compared to plastic
  • Keeps the wet food fresh for longer


  • Costlier than plastic feeders
  • It can be a bit heavy but might work well for notorious cats

3-Obstacle Feeders:

Certain cats are prone to eating at a very fast pace, and it can lead to issues such as choking or even vomiting when not eaten the right way. However, with the help of obstacle feeders, you can slow down your cat’s eating pace and teach them a trick or so while you are at it.

The intricate feeder design helps ensure that your feline doesn’t simply gulp down the food while you are done. With these feeders, the primary goal is to ensure your cat rests between each bite. Doing this helps prevent gastritis, choking, or any intestinal disorders such as bloating or vomiting.


  • Ideal for cats that are prone to eating very fast
  • It helps prevent issues such as vomiting or choking
  • It helps reduce weight gain as food is consumed slowly


  • It might not be right for old or sick cats that can’t divulge in extra effort
  • It might put off certain cats

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When selecting a cat feeder, make sure you choose options that are fit for their size. Investing in a massive feeder for a kitten might not be a good idea as it could lead to issues such as overeating. Always keep your feeders at an elevated level as they help prevent acid reflux and other stomach issues. You know your pet better than any other.

So, do what is best for them before going away on a trip or off to your office and return to a healthy and happy cat.