How Often to Feed a Cat Wet Food To Keep Her Healthy and Active?

how often to feed cat wet food

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that their bodies are designed to digest and use only animal-based proteins. For this reason, most of a cat’s diet should come from wet food rather than dry food.

However, how often you feed your cat, wet food can vary depending on their age, weight, and lifestyle. In general, it’s usually best to offer your cat wet food at least twice a day if you feed it regularly.

But always check with your veterinarian to ensure that you’re providing the best possible diet for your furry friend.

The number of times is important, but we cannot forget the quantity you can feed each time. The cat must know when to stop eating wet food.

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The Right Serving Size

Meal Sizes You shouldn’t feed your pet any more than they will eat within ten minutes, twice a day. If you feed your pet too much, they may not be hungry for their next meal. As a result, your pet’s health could suffer from a lack of essential nutrients or obesity.

Weight and Age Weight is the determining factor in how often to feed a wet cat food because different weights need different amounts of energy. They also have different activity levels, affecting how much food they need.

A high-energy pet, for example, will need more wet food than a low-energy one. Younger cats have even higher energy requirements because they’re growing rapidly.

Age also affects the cat’s meal frequency and size. Kittens should be fed as many as four or five times a day to accommodate their high energy needs. As they grow, the number of feedings decreases, and the portion size increases.

Adult cats should be fed twice a day, with portions increasing as they age. Senior cats will need even larger meals to help them stay healthy and strong as they get older.

Talk with your veterinarian if you’re worried that your cat isn’t eating enough or might be underweight.

Namely, a cat needs a lot of energy to survive and maintain body weight.

Can We Feed Wet Diet Only?

As we mentioned above, a cat is an obligate carnivore, and its body needs animal-based proteins. So it doesn’t mean that you should not give dry food to your kitty?

You can feed wet food and dry food if it becomes difficult for you to make them eat what they like the most. Your kitty may also feel bored eating the same food always.

Offering some dry food can keep their teeth healthy and strong while your cat eats the wet diet. Just make sure that they don’t become obese from overeating.

Talk to your veterinarian if you’re not sure how many times a day to feed wet cat food. They can help you develop a feeding plan that’s right for your cat, depending on their age and lifestyle. Or Stick with the general rule we discussed above.

Combination Feeding

Combination feeding is when you feed your cat both wet and dry food.

The pros of doing this are that the cat may be more enticed to eat because they get different nutrients from each type of food. They may also be less likely to lose their appetite for either wet or dry. It’s also convenient if you run out of wet food or can’t make it to the store.

However, it’s not a good idea if your cat is overweight because they’ll be less likely to lose weight if they’re getting both wet and dry food. It may also encourage them to overeat since they know there will always be an alternative if their favorite diet isn’t available.

Finally, if you decide to go with combination feeding, make sure your cat eats enough wet food every day. A lot of veterinarians recommend offering wet food at least twice a day.

Domestic Cats Retain Their Wild Appetites

They are meat-eaters that need animal protein every day.

And just like their ancestors, they do not eat large meals all at once due to scarcity of food in the wild.

Cats prefer small meals throughout the day, which is impossible if you only give dry food.

So it’s better to include a wet diet along with dry food.

It will make your cat feel satiated, and they don’t have to wait for long hours before having their next meal. Eventually, it prevents any digestive issues like diarrhea.

Besides, it also helps with your pet’s dental hygiene as they are eating a small amount of kibble.

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Lastly, Consider Your Schedule

If you’re prone to changing your schedule and working long hours, consider feeding your wet cat food once a day. It may help prevent overfeeding and provide them with the right amount of nutrients throughout the day.

In this way, they’ll be less likely to overeat when you finally get home from work. But make sure that there’s a bowl of dry food available.