10 Ways to Get Free Cat Food in the Battle Cats

how to get cat food in battle cats

Battle Cats is a tower defense and free game involving virtual cats. In it, a player controls the action and the movement of cats when they run throughout the galaxy. PONOS Corporation created the game and first launched it in Japan with another name.

After that, it became available to players worldwide with its new name. Currently, it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. In addition, it is also available on other platforms like Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3Ds.

Despite being a battle game, it is less violent than most other games from the same genre. For this reason, it is considered safe for teenagers. The game involves cats of different sizes and with distinct abilities.

A player does not get access to all cats at once at the beginning of the game. Instead, they are unlocked as one progresses to the subsequent or higher levels of the game. The best part about the game is upgrading the cats to increase their power and equip them with advanced skills.

Getting food is the key objective for any player who plays the game. If you are new to it and are curious to know how you can get cat food in the game in a quick time, you are at the right place. In this post, you will find the answers related to this aspect of the game.

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How to get cat food in battle cats hack

Cat foods help refill energy, and thus every player should be well aware of the glitches and hacks to attain free cat food. Here are a few hacks that you can try out to get cat food in the battle cats game:

1. Daily logging into the game

Being a regular player can also earn you free cat food in the game. It is one of the best glitch hacks that you can try daily, and the best part is that you are not required to do much hard work or use your brains and gaming skills for the same.

All you need to do is log in to the game daily and collect good food resources. And, you are not necessarily required to play the game once you log in; you may choose to play or not to play the game but make sure that you visit the game daily to fetch rewards in the form of cat food.

By logging in to the game daily, you can easily win different bonuses, cat foods, chest, speed up feature, XP, and a lot more other things. This can be done by visiting the game regularly for 28 days in a continuous fashion.

Further, after completing 28 days, it takes you back to the rewards of day 1, and the cycle continues like this until you regularly visit back to back.

2. Completion of missions

Complete missions in battle cat

One of the most skillful ways of earning cat food is by heading forward accomplishing different missions on the game. Furthermore, it is one of the best glitches that you can try by completing the tasks laid before you and winning rewards on the way.

Once you complete the tasks, you can easily claim your prizes and bonuses and stay geared up for the next level with enough cat food energizers.

Further to get down by details, there are four types of missions that you may encounter- main, weekly, monthly, and special missions. Here is how you can accomplish them:

a. Main missions

They are the standard type of missions that are available for all the players all the time.

It means a player can think of playing such missions at any time as per their wish because such tasks have no time limit and prevail all the time.

b. Weekly mission

As the name suggests, weekly missions come with a weekly timeframe that starts from Monday 12 am and can be played till the next Sunday till midnight.

On accomplishing the tasks, you can win rewards and claim them before the mission ends, or you might lose them forever.

c. Monthly Mission

Monthly missions last for a month and can be played from the first day to the last day of the month.

However, once you progress in the game and earn rewards, make sure that you collect the same before the last date of the month because it may no longer be available on the gaming platform once the calendar page turns to the next month.

d. Special Missions

Special missions form a part of collaboration campaigns and have a specific deadline as decided by the manufacturers.

They come as a specific event and allow the players to take part in it before the event completion. 

3. Tapjoy’s services

If you wish to search for more cat food in the game, you can consider seeking Tapjoy’s services that let you gain access to unlimited cat food. Tapjoy’s services offer free cat food, and you can avail of the same on Tapjoy’s offer wall.

For this, you can click on the cat food option on the offer wall at the right bottom corner of the screen and fulfill all the offers mentioned on it to gain the benefits of free cat food.

4. Keep an eye on the game shop

Game shop fledges the players with different discounts, bonuses, and various offers. And amongst the multiple offers that prevail, you can also hit unlimited cat food offers in the game shop.

So, if you are searching for some great deals, then hitting the game shop and purchasing cat food can also be an option.

5. Made-11 capsules

Completion of missions

Using the rare capsule machine, you can try your luck to draw a made-11 capsule.

Further, if you happen to draw another made-11 capsule within half an hour of the first draw, you can instantly earn a 1000000 XP bonus.

6. Associate your game with Facebook

Getting your Battle of cats connected with a social media platform like Facebook can search you some incredible benefits. Not only does associating your game with Facebook help you to save your progress in the game.

Restore it when you uninstall and install the game again, but it can also help you earn some energy refilling cat food. Using the invite codes sent by your friends and claiming the same, you can earn some instant cat food that can help you advance in the game.  

7. Date change

Though it can be considered a cheat code, changing the time and date of the device you are using to play the game can again help you get some free cat food.

This trick can restore energy because having cat food can help you ace the game and perform better in the various battle levels.

8. Upgrading your kitties

Upgrading your cats timely can also help you fetch some energy refilling cat food. When you reach the maximum allowed level with a specific cat, you can use cat capsules for exchange purposes.

All you need to do is collect five cat capsules and wait until you are offered an exchange for rare tickets.

9. Battle Cats cat food generator

Generating food in the game is important for a player from the standpoint of completing the objectives. Fortunately, though, there are many food generators to help you with it. Food generators are the pieces of programmed software that are available on the Internet.

Typically, you need to input your phone number or email address before you can start using them. But what if you wish to obtain cat food for Battle Cats without sharing your contact details? Is there a way for it as well? The answer is yes.

Food code generators such as Superwinn enable gamers to get food for cats in Battle Cats without the mandatory requirement of sharing their contact information. Food generators are useful in the sense that they supply valuable resources.

If you choose to get all the necessary items in the game from the installs, you will spend a hefty amount of money. Even after spending a lot of money, you can’t be sure about having all the resources in place.

Using a food generator for Battle Cats is your best bet to bypass this possibility and save money. Plus, as a spin-off, you also get an opportunity to unlock many other rewards.

10. Battle Cats free cat food code

As discussed earlier, you can pick and choose an online generator from the existing ones. You will need to follow the steps, depending on the type of generator you choose.

Be careful, though. Unlike Superwinn, the majority of other code generators may necessitate you to download additional programs. This will not only have an impact on your device but also on your progression of the game.

By following the on-screen instruction of Superwinn as given in the link, you can avoid spending a hefty amount or the heavy grinding in the game to get cat food for free.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you go – the information given above gives an insight into how you can generate food for your cute cats in Battle Cats. Then, use them to march ahead in the game by completing its objectives one by one. All the best and happy gaming!