5 Best Cat Foods for Outdoor Cats in 2022 (Wet and Dry)

best outdoor cat food

Cats that love to play around and explore the outdoors need a highly-functional metabolism to keep them going. For that, pet parents need to pick the right nutrients and serve the cats with good-quality pet food. So let us check out some popular options available for outdoor cats in dry and wet variants.

1. The Best Dry Cat Food for Outdoor Cats

best outdoor cat food

Available in chicken and Alaskan Pollock flavors, the Solid Gold dry cat food is best for highly active outdoor cats. This cat food comes in 3, 6, and 12 pounds packages ideal for cat breeds of all sizes. The formula contains all-natural ingredients that are completely grain-free.

If your cat is allergic to gluten, this cat food would fit their daily nutritional requirements. This formulation is specially created for adult cats and kittens. It is a low carbohydrate and high-protein cat food that contains 42 percent crude protein.

The formulation is perfect for highly active cats and those that deal with health concerns such as diabetes. The dry cat food consists of fiber-rich peas that help balance out the ash content without being too high or low.

Solid Gold Indigo Moon also consists of freshly-caught Alaskan Pollock that is highly palatable for picky eaters. In addition, it contains a good amount of protein with omega acids that help maintain healthy skin and coat. With Solid Gold, your cat also gets access to quality protein from whole eggs that introduce a complete nutrition cycle to help cats thrive during their growth cycle.

The cat food also helps enhance the metabolism of active cats to help them have fun throughout the day. The Solid Gold also consists of protected probiotics combined with rich fiber content to ensure optimal digestive & gut health.


  • It helps cleanse the digestive system with superfoods & good gut bacteria
  • It contains more than 90 million live probiotics/pounds
  • Fuels your cat’s skin with quality omegas while ensuring healthy immunity
  • It contains phytonutrients, fiber, & antioxidants to help the pet thrive
  • Boasts of healthy fats that are dense in nutrition


  • It might induce vomiting or gastritis
  • Contains GMO ingredients in the formulation

2. IAMS Dry Cat Food

best dry cat food for outdoor cats

The IAMS dry cat food contains real chicken as its first ingredient in 3.5lb and 7lb packs. The cat food helps increase the metabolism in the cat’s body to help them play and enjoy the outdoors throughout the day.

The cat food helps support the cat’s digestive health with all-natural fiber & prebiotics. In addition, the formulation helps enhance the cat’s skin while adding some gloss in the coat with fatty acids that are completely balanced.

IAMS is formulated and manufactured in the United States with some of the finest ingredients acquired from all around the globe. The formula also helps nourish the cat’s heart by providing some healthy & essential nutrients that include potassium & calcium.

The best thing about this cat food is that it helps your pet maintain a lean muscle mass while keeping them strong. In addition, the formula doesn’t lead to weight gain and provides your cat with a 100 percent balanced and complete nutrition profile. It also doesn’t contain any filler ingredients to the mix.

The formula also contains nutrients that help keep your cat’s teeth healthy, and the crunchy texture takes off the plaque build-up. It also contains a unique fibre blend such as beet pulp to support better nutrient absorption.

IAMS dry cat food doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or synthetic dyes that might harm your pet in any way. If your cat is allergic to gluten, this food is perfect for its daily nutritional requirements.


  • It contains high-quality animal protein as the number one ingredient
  • Focuses on your pet’s specialized needs such as hairball control
  • Maintains the health of the urinary tract to avoid crystal formation
  • It contains beet pulp and live-prebiotics
  • It contains a tailored fiber profile to maintain a healthy digestive tract


  • It might cause loose stools in some cats
  • Kibbles are a bit powdery

3. The Best Outdoor Cat Food

Diamond Adult Dry Cat Food Maintenance Formula with Protein, Probiotics and Antioxidants

Does your cat play around the garden a lot? For active cats by nature, it is important to feed them a diet that supplements their metabolism and nutritional requirements. The Diamond Legacy dry cat food is perfect for adult cats who love playing outdoors.

Available in 6, 20, and 40 pounds packs, the Diamond Legacy cat food features a delicious chicken flavor perfect for cat breeds of all sizes. In addition, the formula contains a carefully determined protein & fat level that supports the maintenance of a healthy body with lean muscle maintenance.

This premium quality cat food consists of 30 percent protein balanced with healthy fats present in 15 percent portion. The fiber content in the cat food ensures a healthy digestive system while enriching the cat with minerals and vitamins for health & wellness.

The formula also contains antioxidants that help support a healthy immune system with fatty acids that guarantee a shiny coat and healthy skin. Manufactured in the United States, this cat food contains ingredients from different parts of the world to ensure quality maintenance.

The manufacturing process uses scientifically advanced food safety protocols, ensured by its family-run business. In addition, the formula contains 80 million prebiotic CFU per pound to ensure a healthy digestive system.


  • Vitamin-E present in the formula helps support immune health
  • It helps maintain a healthy coat and skin with fatty acids and essential nutrients
  • It contains Taurine that, helps prevent inflammation
  • Approved by AAFCO and adheres to the required nutritional profile
  • It contains guaranteed probiotics for healthy digestion


  • Protein content might be lower than the competitors
  • It might contain ground corn and meat by-product

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe High Protein Grain Free

The Blue Buffalo wet cat food is perfect for active cats needing high metabolism, enriched with red meat flavor. Suited for big and small breeds, this grain-free cat food is suited for picky eaters. The cat food is also available in trout flavor as well.

The formula contains real beef that drives energy into the cat’s body to help them stay active throughout the day. In addition, the protein content helps enhance the body’s metabolism. Moreover, the food features a uniquely smooth texture that doesn’t irritate your cat’s tongue or mouth.

The taste is perfect for keeping your cat coming back for more. This all-natural and healthy cat food is created with the finest-quality ingredients enhanced with essential minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is made without any wheat grains that might induce allergies in some older cats.

The formula doesn’t contain any generic protein such as chicken by-products. Blue Buffalo also doesn’t contain any corn or wheat, which might be used commonly by competitors as a thickening agent. The best thing about this cat food is that it doesn’t contain soy, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Apart from real turkey and beef, this proprietary blend also consists of venison, turkey liver, & lamb that provide essential vitamins, protein, & minerals.


  • Keeps your cat hydrated with essential nutrition served in a can
  • Mouth-watering taste that keeps picky eaters engaged
  • Enticing texture with flavorful cuts to please all cats
  • It contains healthy carbohydrates derived from fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Grain-free formula to avoid stomach irritation


  • Packaging isn’t up to the mark
  • The new recipe might deter some cats

5. The Best Wet Cat Food for Outdoor Cats

best wet cat food for outdoor cats

The IAMS Perfect Portions comes in pate and cuts in gravy style. For active cats, protein is important, and this cat food carries quality ingredients in flavors that include indoor salmon, chicken, adult salmon, indoor tuna, adult tuna, and indoor turkey.

The brand also manufactures optimal adult metabolism to ensure that the cats stay active throughout the day. In addition, the twin-pack trays have an easy-peel design that doesn’t spill while you serve them. This wholesome and grain-free cat food recipe keeps your pet healthy and nourished as they enjoy the playtime.

The pates are balanced and complete for the healthy growth of cats through different stages of life. It doesn’t contain artificial preservatives and supports healthy immunity for cats who often get sick. In addition, the formulation contains vitamin E to enrich the skin and coat with high-moisture content.


  • It doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives
  • Helps support a healthy immunity with enriched vitamin-E formula
  • Break, peel, & serve without causing spilling issues
  • Supports a healthy vision with high Taurine content
  • Helps maintain ideal body weight with healthy muscle-mass maintenance


  • It might make your cat burp a lot due to gastritis
  • The gravy portion is more than the meat pieces

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Your cat should never feel tired when playing around, and these cat food choices will keep them going throughout the day. In addition, the quality protein will serve their needs in terms of metabolism. But, before you pick any, make sure you understand your cat’s needs and make the purchase accordingly.