5 Best Non Prescription Cat Food for Urinary Crystals in 2022

best non prescription cat food for urinary crystals

Most cats, as they age, tend to be prone to issues that affect their urethra or the bladder. It is broadly characterized as a urinary tract disease. The problem can present itself as Pain and difficulty when urinating along with increased urination frequency. In more serious cases, your cat might also have blood stains in its urine.

The food you provide your cat could also have a major impact on their urinary health and develop urinary crystals.

So, how could you avoid it? First, you can select the best non-prescription cat food for urinary crystals formulated to ensure the problem doesn’t ail your cat. But, before you start searching for ideal non-prescription cat food for urinary crystals, you need to understand what urinary crystals are.

So, without further ado, let us check it out! But before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations of best non prescription cat food for urinary crystals:

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What are Urinary Crystals?

Urinary crystals are tiny or microscopic precipitants known to develop in the cat’s urine. The usual way to find the presence of urinary crystals in your cat is to visit a veterinarian and get a medical examination.

It starts with common issues related to the urinary tracts like urinating a lot, not urinating enough, or even having urinary accidents outside of their litter box.

To test out the presence of urinary crystals, your veterinarian would be required to run an in-depth urinalysis to find the presence of crystals or sediment in the cat’s urine.

How Do Urinary Crystals Develop?

There isn’t a single cause that leads to the development of urinary crystals. Instead, there are several variants of crystals & multiple reasons that your cat might experience this issue. The most common types of crystals that can be found in your cat’s urine are calcium oxalate and struvite. However, their prime reason for formation cannot be pinpointed.

Different crystals might develop inside your cat’s urinary tract if the cat fails to eat a proper, balanced, or complete diet. Additionally, any condition designated to change your cat’s urine pH, like a kidney issue or long-term use of medication, can lead to the development of crystals.

If you think it’s just the older cats that are affected due to urinary crystals, well, you might be wrong. These crystals can also affect young cats just as easily. It means age isn’t a major factor here.

However, it can be seen occurring majorly in older cats. Your feline partner’s unique physiology & disease history can help determine if there is a possibility for crystal development in the urine.

Additionally, crystals can also indicate the possibility of uroliths or bladder stones that are rock-like minerals that form in the cat’s bladder. However, you need to keep in mind that if a pet is diagnosed with the presence of crystals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their kidney would show the presence of bladder stones.

Your cat would require an additional ultrasound and radiograph to determine whether these stones are present in their kidney.

Several factors might cause urinary crystals. One such factor is their diet. Your cat needs to consume a balanced and complete diet appropriate to its life stage. Make sure you check with your veterinarian and ask for a suggestion regarding food habits that help produce optimal urine pH levels.

Treating crystals often surfaces as a multi-pronged treatment approach. The first thing you need to do is to eliminate the possibility of any underlying cause. Most veterinarians recommend wet food from high-quality manufacturers as the canned versions tend to help reduce the presence of crystals.

Regardless of the type of food, it is evident that adequate hydration techniques are imperative for cats that refrain from drinking the required amount of water.

Why and How Do They Cause Pain?

Crystals found in the cat’s urine can cause Pain depending on the size and number. These urine crystals are generally shaped in the form of a hexagon & might also be colorless.

You can judge by the sounds your cat makes when they urinate that they are in Pain. Plus, you will often find that the cat is refraining from urinating regularly.

Symptoms of crystals in the urine can include:

  • Bloody urine
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Groin/back pain

Passing urine crystals can be painful, depending on how big they are. When bigger, they are termed kidney stones. However, the good news is, they do not cause any permanent damage when recognized early on.

Your vet would recommend that you try to make your cat drink more water to help clear out any crystals present in the urinary tract or the kidney, which could prevent the possibility of kidney stones. Cats have a small-sized urethra, and the presence of crystals can block and clump the urine flow.

Here are some more symptoms that denote the presence of crystals in the cat urine:

  • Straining during urination
  • Frequent genital licking
  • Chronic infection in the urinary tract
  • Urine spraying
  • Hematuria
  • Obstruction in the urinary tract (primarily in males)

What are the Health Threats of Urinary Crystals?

Generally, most cats get by well, even with urinary crystals ailing them. However, there could be cases that experience serious blockage in the urethra that requires urgent veterinary attention.

Some crystals amalgamate into the form of larger stones or sand-like grit that might get lodged in your cat’s urethra. It could lead to a potentially life-threatening issue that makes your cat incapable of passing the urine in any manner.

These minerals that bulk up inside the urethra and create blockages are generally a part of your cat’s dietary constituent. All living beings ingest minerals present in their food and metabolize the same. While they are necessary for cell function and metabolism, excessive of the same could lead to unwanted health complications.

In most cases, the excessive mineral automatically passes out of the body via urine. However, it isn’t easy to get rid of it if the urine is concentrated with excessive minerals present. If the acid-based balance in the urine is distorted, the minerals will get stuck together, forming crystals.

These crystals are mostly microscopic, but they can form a bigger mass and lead to blockages when one or more crystals come together.

Crystalluria can lead to disorders such as urethral obstruction and can even damage the cat’s kidney when left unchecked for long.

Which Food Ingredients help deal with Urinary Crystals?

Your veterinarian would suggest that you keep a check on your cat’s diet, especially if their food contains a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, & calcium. These minerals in high amounts can cause stone or crystal formation. The dietary change can vary depending on the type of crystal present in your cat’s urine.

The best way to go about it is to increase the water being fed to the cat. It will help dilute the urine and allow the crystals to move out of the body easily. First, however, you must notice whether your cat is urinating or not.

The method only works when your cat is urinating normally. However, it might not work well if the crystals block the cat’s urethra. It could also cause potential health hazards for your cat.

So, the key is to consult a veterinarian and get the issue resolved professionally. Cats are picky eaters and most generally won’t answer well to an abrupt dietary change. So, it would help if you introduced these changes slowly.

For example, switch from dry food to canned food because the latter contains a high amount of water compared to dry cat food.

You can also add flavors to your cat’s water, such as chicken-broth (sodium-free) or tuna juice, to tempt them into drinking more water.

5 Best Non Prescription Cat Food for Urinary Crystals

Now that you know the basics of urine crystals, here are the top 5 non-prescription cat foods for urinary crystals for you to check out.

1-Top Choice- IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food

Formulated specifically to reduce urinary tract issues, the IAMS Proactive Health cat food is a perfect choice for pet owners that wish for a healthy and happy cat. The cat food is primarily chicken and grounded whole corn grain, plain-dry beet pulp, natural flavoring, and other healthy ingredients.

Apart from maintaining urinary health, this cat food helps keep your pet’s muscles strong with its high protein content. In addition, IAMS helps reduce the pH level of your urine and helps prevent the formation of urinary crystals. Moreover, the formulation helps enhance your cat’s immunity while providing them with the right amount of vitamin E.

Manufactured and formulated in the United States, the IAMS Proactive cat food is made from the best ingredients that don’t affect your cat’s health in any manner. The surplus boost of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids helps keep your pet’s coat shiny, soft, and healthy.

The cat food formula is best served when soaked in water to ensure the cat is nourished and hydrated at the same time. Additionally, the IAMS cat food helps promote better heart health while providing essential nutrients to your cat that include potassium & calcium.

The best thing about IAMS is that it doesn’t contain any filler ingredients and is ideal for cats older than a year. The IAMS Proactive makes it to the top of our list because veterinarians recommend it, and it is safest for your cat’s health.


  • Crunchy kibbles help reduce any plaque buildup
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or synthetic dyes
  • Focuses on your cat’s specialized needs & ensures healthy mineral digestion
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Taste isn’t too overwhelming and contains natural flavoring


  • It tends to create gas in older cats
  • Stools might stink at the start due to a change in diet

2-Purina One Health Formula for Urinary Tract

A popular choice for most cat owners, Purina is a brand that has delivered nothing but quality to its customers. The Purina One formula for urinary tract health is ideal for breeds of all sizes and helps reduce the urine’s pH while ensuring that the food has low magnesium content.

This 100 percent-packed pet food has 0 percent fillers, with each ingredient added for a purpose. Each chunk of this pet food contains real chicken and no by-products whatsoever. Moreover, the formulation doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavoring that might worsen your pet’s health in any way.

Purina One Health Formula helps maintain a strong immunity while giving your cat a radiant coat and charging them with healthy energy levels. In addition, the crunchy food is easy to digest and doesn’t put a strain on your cat’s digestive health.

Additionally, the natural blend of fiber content helps reduce the hairballs produced due to bad health. The formula is ideal for adult cats between 1 to 7 years of age. Simply put, Purina One is a balanced and complete food that comes with minerals, vitamins, & essential nutrients that help prevent any increase in the urine pH. The texture of this kibble also keeps away any plaque and also prevents bad breath.

The presence of omega-6 in the food helps reduce urinary crystal development and protects your cat for years to come. Within days of replacing your cat’s food with Purina, you can see the changes in the form of healthy skin along with a soft and luxurious coat. No doubt it is one of the best non prescription cat food for urinary crystals.


  • Ideal for cats that are picky eaters
  • Reduced amount of magnesium (notorious for urine crystal formation)
  • Perfect for ailing cats that already suffer from urine crystal issues
  • Ideally sized pellets to ensure the cats don’t choke on it
  • It helps in keeping the hair luscious and healthy


  • The taste might be a bit overwhelming for some cats
  • It might induce thirst and lead to overconsumption of water (might cause vomiting)

3-Purina Pro Wet Adult Cat Food

The Purina Pro wet food is another great option for cats that don’t do well with dry food. In terms of formulation, this wet food has beef and chicken as a part of the ingredients. In addition, the food is specifically designed to ensure a healthier urinary tract while focusing primarily on the hydration factor.

The wet cat food helps maintain a normal urine pH level while providing the basic dietary magnesium requirement. It is made with the best quality poultry and beef that provide extra care to your cat ailing from urinary crystal issues. It also packs in 25 essential minerals and vitamins along with amino acids and taurine.

The packaging contains both gravy and classic variants to give your cat the much-needed change for better health. The cat food comes in three different recipes that make your cat’s mealtime interesting.

In addition, the formula has a preventative maintenance formulation that helps ensure that a healthy cat doesn’t develop crystals in the future. How much wet food for a cat? is a resource that can help you understand the routine and quantity that you can feed your cat.

It can easily be alternated with the Purina Pro’s vet series that is available with a veterinarian’s prescription.


  • Multiple choices help keep the cat interested in the food
  • It comes with vitamin A, E, K, B-12
  • The ideal amount of moisture to keep your pet hydrated
  • It helps reduce your cat’s vet visit requirements
  • Ample nutrition is available at a cheaper price


  • It might cause diarrhea in cats with a weak stomach
  • The smell might put off some cats

4-Blue Buffalo High Protein Wilderness Adult Cat Food

Trusted by most cat owners, Blue Buffalo is the perfect brand for pet parents in need of healthy cat food for urinary issues. The Blue Buffalo adult cat food is prepared with the best quality real chicken as its main ingredient, a favorite for cats with sensitive stomachs. In addition, the formulation helps build & maintain the cat’s lean and healthy muscle mass.

It is a great choice for cats that suffer from digestive issues or are allergic to grains that contain gluten. Its grain-free formulation helps adhere to your pet’s nutritional requirements while supporting a healthy eight without causing gas, bloating, or similar problems.

The cat food consists of exclusively formulated LifeSource Bits, a perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals that are selected carefully by some of the best and holistic veterinarians & animal nutritionists. In addition, the formulation helps support a healthy immune system to prevent any possibility of urine crystals in the future.

Blue Buffalo is a natural formula cat food with the finest quality ingredients loaded with minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain urinary health. The product doesn’t contain any form of by-products, corn, soy, wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavors.


  • Grain-free formulation ideal for sensitive cats
  • Contains deboned chicken, fish meal, & chicken meal
  • Packs in complex carbohydrates to nourish without spiking blood sugar levels
  • Rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, carrots, and cranberries
  • Ensures healthy development of muscles while maintaining weight


  • Tends to develop mold easily (Place the food in an air-tight container)
  • It might not help with skin or hair health

5-Hill’s Science Dry Cat Diet Food for Adults

The Hill’s Science cat food is a multi-functional dietary choice for cats suffering from urinary crystals. Apart from focusing on a healthy kidney, cat food also helps your cat enjoy a healthy heart. In addition, dry food has a balanced amount of minerals, including taurine, that helps maintain bladder health.

It also has a good amount of quality protein that helps the adult cats build & maintain the lead muscles without bulking up the body. Moreover, the food is loaded with omega 3 & 6 and an appropriate amount of vitamin E to ensure the cat enjoys healthy fur and skin.

However, the formulation isn’t recommended for pregnant or nursing cats and kittens. The formula is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients that veterinarians recommend. The dry food is ideal for adult cats aged between 1 and 6 years.

It is fairly light on your cat’s stomach and helpful for fur babies that are troubled with digestive issues. Further, the formulation doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, synthetic colors, or artificial flavors that might harm your pet in any way.


  • It contains vitamin-E to support healthy hair and skin
  • Taurine helps support bladder, heart, and kidney health
  • Disc-sized kibbles that are easy to chew and eat for small cats
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives or colors
  • Includes real lamb, chicken, & salmon protein


  • The smell might deter some cats from eating
  • The new formula might not be ideal (For cats that have been consuming older formula)

Comparison of cat food for urinary crystals

ProductItem FormPrimary IngredientBrandSize
IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat FoodDry FoodChickenIAMS16 lbs
Purina One Health Formula for Urinary TractDry FoodChickenPurina16 lbs
Purina Pro Wet Adult Cat FoodWet FoodBeef, Chicken, TurkeyPurina3 oz/can
Blue Buffalo High Protein Wilderness Adult Cat FoodDry FoodChickenBlue Buffalo11 lbs
Hill’s Science Dry Cat Diet Food for AdultsDry FoodChickenHill’s Science7 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to caring for a cat suffering from urinary crystals, many other things matter a lot, like; what ingredient in cat food causes urinary problems and how to identify them? How to feed cat wet food while away? Knowing it will help you provide your feline the right food on time even when you are away. Also, can you find out what is ash in cat food? Finally, it will help you to differentiate between good quality and poor quality cat food easily.

If you have kittens along with adult or senior cats, then it’s essential to know when do kittens start eating cat food? So you can begin to provide adult food and ensure they do not consume medicated food that you brought for cats suffering from urinary crystals.


With these products to help your cat’s urinary health, you can enjoy some great time with your pet. If you are looking for a recommendation, we would suggest our top-ranked choice, the IAMS Proactive cat food. The chicken-based formula is perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs.

It helps prevent the possibility of urine crystal formation while ensuring better health for the cats that are previously diagnosed with the same. Best of all, this formula is available at a cheaper price tag without compromising on the food quality.

So, try away these dietary cat food options and ensure that your cat remains healthy for years to come.