3 Best Low Carb and Low Calorie Cat Foods in 2022

best low carb cat food

There have often been complaints related to dry cat food causing obesity or diabetes in the feline population. It is because kibbles tend to have a lot of carbohydrates that include grains used in the form of fillers to increase the overall food quantity.

Felines are carnivores by nature and require a minuscule amount of carbohydrates for their survival. Too many carbs can lead to health issues.

The key is to provide a low-carb or low-calorie diet rich in protein to help keep your pet healthy. You need to match the food as close as they would hunt in their natural habitat.

If your cat is already obese or suffering from diabetes, it is essential to pick a diet that helps maintain a healthy weight.

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We recently updated the list of grain-free cat foods that might also help you to deal with the allergies of your cat.

What Does Low-Carb Cat Food Means?

Cats need a dietary regime that is low in carbohydrates. This is because their prime source of energy and health is a protein-based diet. That being said, some carbohydrates can be beneficial to the pet’s health.

However, the key is to ensure that the protein is significantly high in the diet.

Most of the low-carb cat kibbles in the market have a grain-free label in the packaging. However, this doesn’t quantify that these kibbles are free of carbohydrates. Common grains added to the feline food as fillers are:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Potato
  • Tapioca
  • Green Peas

Brands that have a higher carb-to-protein ratio are something you should avoid giving your cat regularly. Even though your feline’s food is free of wheat or corn-based carbohydrates, it might still have a surprisingly elevated amount of carbs that come from vegetables and fruits.

In the truest sense, the ideal ratio for a low-carb cat diet would be similar to the metrics mentioned below:

  • Protein: 50 to 60 percent
  • Fat: 15 to 30 percent
  • Carbohydrates: 5 to 15 percent

Why Should Your Cat Eat a Low Carb Diet?

There are several arguments for & against the consumption of carbohydrates in a feline diet. However, we need to keep in mind that felines are obligate carnivores. So, their ideal diet would have a high protein content as compared to carbohydrates.

Protein helps maintain your pet’s organs, gut, and other bodily functions while maintaining overall health.

Apart from protein being the primary dietary need for a cat, pet owners select a low carbohydrate diet to avoid the progress or onset of diabetes. Carbohydrates can lead to sudden spikes in the blood sugar level.

With time, it can worsen the health of a diabetic pet. If this happens, it can be a potentially dangerous thing for your cat.

Obese or overweight cats tend to benefit greatly from consuming a diet that is low in carbohydrates. This will bring down the grain and sugar intake significantly. Unfortunately, most pet parents are under the illusion that sick cats need special diets.

However, they don’t even get the primary protein diet which can massively help with the existing condition.

Wet vs Dry Low-Carb Kibbles

Veterinarians tend to favor wet food as opposed to dry food. This is because manufacturing dry kibble minus any carbohydrates is almost impossible.

In addition, the starch content present in the carbs helps prevent the kibbles from crumbling. So, most dry food options available in the market would have a minimum of 10 percent carbohydrate content.

If your cat doesn’t have any health issues, an occasional serving of dry feline food won’t be detrimental to your feline’s health. However, most veterinarians would recommend that you avoid giving your pet any dry food if they are obese or dealing with health issues.

Wet feline food consists of a high amount of moisture and doesn’t require binding ingredients. The moisture content from the wet food is beneficial for cats in need of hydration.

Top 3 Best Low Carb Cat Food

1. Blue Buffalo The Best Low Carb Cat Food

best low carb cat food

With high-carb food options, weight control becomes very hard for felines. An ideal solution is to opt for the Blue Buffalo High-Protein cat food formulated to control your pet’s weight. The formula uses real chicken providing your pet with ample protein and reducing any unwanted cravings.

This feline food helps your pet maintain muscle mass while adding more lean muscles to the body. The food doesn’t contain any grain and ensures that there aren’t any hairball issues.

In addition, its unique combination of naturally occurring fibers helps eliminate the possibility of any hairballs.

The carefully balanced calorie & fat content helps maintain and achieve the ideal weight for your pet. It is our top recommendation as the best low carb cat food.

In addition, blue Buffalo weight control cat food contains the right blend of vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals that help support your pet’s immune system.


  • It contains all-natural ingredients with minerals and vitamins balanced
  • It doesn’t contain any chicken/poultry by-products
  • The formulation doesn’t contain any soy, wheat, corn, preservatives, or artificial flavors
  • It helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Helps maintain a healthy coat and skin with Omega-3 and Fatty Acids


  • It might cause gas issues in certain cats with digestive problems
  • Older cats might have to deal with diarrhea episodes

2. Tiki The Best Low Calorie Cat Food

best low calorie cat food

Decked with a delicious turkey recipe, the Tiki cat food focuses on keeping your cat well-fed while keeping the weight at a healthy level. This delicious recipe contains all-real ingredients that help your cat thrive with its high protein, fat, & meat content.

Essentially, this low-carb cat food helps provide your pet with the closest possible alternative for naturally hunted prey.

In addition, it helps nourish the carnivore inside your pet with the right amount of vitamins & minerals. The inclusion of real turkey gives the cat all the necessary nutrition while keeping it tasty as well.

The formula is designed for overweight cats that tend to gain weight too fast. The food provides an adequate amount of lean protein along with L-carnitine. As a result, the formula helps burn the fat content & support faster weight loss.

The dry food consists of real ingredients while keeping the carbohydrate levels on the down-low.

Tiki Cat food also contains nutrient-rich ingredients such as flaxseeds, pumpkin, & salmon oil to ensure your pet has better digestion and healthy skin.


  • It contains about 44 percent protein which is higher than most brands
  • It consists of 40 percent less fat with deboned chicken and egg
  • Ideal for adult cats that are 1 year or older
  • Baked kibbles to ensure minimal processing
  • It doesn’t contain any gluten or carrageenan


  • Some cats do not like the taste of the food
  • Not ideal for picky eaters

3. Purina Pro Plan Weight Management

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management

If your pet doesn’t bode well with dry food items, it is better to switch to wet options. The Purina Pro Plan with high protein content ensures that your cat maintains an ideal weight without verging towards obesity.

The formula consists of Turkey and Rice grounded together to ensure your cat can digest it well. It also helps support a healthy immune system.

Created with real and high-quality turkey, this low-carb food option focuses entirely on weight management while maintaining optimal protein levels.

The Pro Plan formula ensures that there is no loss in terms of lean muscles. It also contains a balanced amount of nutrients that support your pet’s entire body functions.

For example, if your cat has digestive issues, this wet food formula would work perfectly. Loaded with high-quality prebiotic fiber, this formula nourishes your cat’s digestive system.

The tender and moist morsels add in a delicious taste to help enrich your cat’s mealtime experience.

The formula also packs in a good amount of Omega-6, vitamin A, and fatty acids that help nourish the coat and skin. It also helps by decreasing any inflammation of the skin.


  • Fortified with live probiotics to ensure better digestion & immune health
  • Vitamin A & taurine supports a healthy vision for your cat
  • It doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors
  • The formula is easy to digest and delivers optimal nutrition
  • It contains 20 percent less fat as compared to other formulas in the market


  • It makes the poop smell bad
  • Not ideal for kitties that have a sensitive stomach

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Finding the right low carbohydrate cat food can be a bit confusing. We hope this guide has helped you narrow down the choices to something healthy for your fur-friend. For example, you might choose to prepare a homemade diet for your cat.

However, you might be unable to provide the right nutrition every time you cook a meal for your pet. With the right low-carb cat food, you can ensure that your feline friend gets the best nutrition and lives a healthy life minus the weight gain.

Remember that most brands claiming their product to be low-carb might sneak in some plant-based carbs, especially for dry kibbles. So, always check the percentage of carbohydrates and keep it on the down-low.