5 Best Cat Foods to Prevent Kidney Disease

best cat food for kidney disease

Kidney disease in cats can be disheartening for pet parents and painful for pets. Therefore, it is important to keep the cat’s diet in check if they have been diagnosed with kidney issues. With the right diet, kidney diseases can also be reversed or managed for a better and longer life for your feline friends.

Let us check out some popular and healthy choices that help prevent kidney diseases.

Our experts recently update the list of best cat food brands that do not have any recall history and are trusted worldwide.

1. The Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease

best cat food for kidney disease

Hill’s Prescription Kidney Care dry cat food comes in tasty and enticing seafood and chicken flavor. The cat food is available in 4 and 8.5 pounds packages. It is formulated by skilled Hill’s nutritionists & veterinarians that support the cat’s healthy kidney function while avoiding common issues such as urinary crystals.

The nutrition content in the cat food is clinically tested to improve & lengthen your cat’s life. With Hill’s Prescription, your cat gets access to a surplus supply of crucial amino acids. This, in turn, helps support a steady buildup of healthy and lean muscle mass in overweight cats while reducing unwanted fat.

The nutritional content in the food even surpasses the minimum standard set by AAFCO for pet food. In addition, the pet food contains E.A.T. or Enhanced Appetite Trigger to enhance their appetite & help increase the food intake without compromising the nutrition factor.

Hill’s Prescription also contains a controlled amount of phosphorus with low sodium content to protect the vital functioning of the heart and kidney. In addition, this dietary supplement also contains L-carnitine and Taurine to help support a healthy immune system.

The limited ingredient formula provides your cat with surplus nutrition and contains animal protein from a single source. The cat food is formulated without any soy protein to ensure the uric acid content within the body and the kidney doesn’t increase substantially.


  • It contains a high level of healthy omega-3 for healthy weight maintenance
  • Formulated in the United States with ingredients that are sourced globally
  • Helps develop lean muscle mass with high-quality protein
  • Reduces risks of urinary crystal development in the kidney
  • It contains all-natural ingredients that aren’t too harsh on the pet’s digestive system


  • The smell of the food is too strong for some cats
  • A bit expensive as compared to the competitors

2. Forza10 Active Kidney Renal Diet Dry Cat Food

Forza10 Active Kidney Renal Diet Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats

The Forza10 Active Kidney dry cat food is perfect for heart & kidney issues. Its unique formula features wild-caught anchovy as a rich protein source available in a 4-pound bag that caters to cat breeds of different sizes.

This cat food helps improve kidney function & tackle any heart issues. Enriched with the goodness of salmon, anchovies, & therapeutic plants, this formula provides healthy nutrients to aid the cat’s health. The formula is recommended by veterinarians that keeps your cat well-nourished while providing them holistic nutrition as needed by the pet. The best thing about this dry cat food is that it packs in a great taste that pleases even the picky eaters. This kidney-rich formula doesn’t require any prescription and helps improve the kidney health of ailing cats.

The Forza10 cat food has low phosphorus, protein, and sodium content, a major culprit that ails cats and deteriorates their kidney health. With a low level of these culprits, your cat’s kidney would function at its optimum.

Further, the cat food doesn’t contain any soy, wheat, or corn-based ingredients. This non-GMO formula is free of artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The formulation consists of hydrolyzed protein from fish that is light on your cat’s stomach and supports easy digestion.

This food for renal health is made with quality ingredients in Italy, with fresh protein present in a balanced amount for bodyweight maintenance. It also contains omega-3 & 6 to deliver better health results with fast action.


  • Features an active fresh system with antioxidants from cranberry
  • It contains dried clover that helps purify the cat’s urinary system
  • It contains wild-caught anchovies with omega-3
  • The dandelion roots present in the formula helps eliminate excess toxins
  • Contains healthy fiber from therapeutic fruits and plants


  • Correct phosphorus values aren’t reported in the package
  • Some cats might feel low energy levels with a slower metabolism

3. Blue Buffalo Veterinary Diet for Kidney Support

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet K+M Kidney + Mobility Support Dry Cat Food

 Available in delicious chicken flavor, the Blue Buffalo dry cat food for kidney support comes in 5.5 and 7 ounces packages. The formula is ideal for cat breeds of all sizes with a crunchy texture that removes issues such as plaque or tartar buildup.

The Blue Buffalo cat food contains protein-rich chicken as its first ingredient. This wholesome formulation features controlled protein levels with fresh ingredients that help remove unwanted pressure from ailing kidneys. In addition, its all-real chicken protein is sourced holistically to ensure what goes inside your cat’s body is completely healthy.

The formulation is enhanced with minerals, vitamins, & other essential nutrients that ensure faster nutrition absorption and toxin removal. It also contains essential kidney support elements such as chondroitin and glucosamine to support better joint health & mobility.

Blue Buffalo also doesn’t contain any meat by-products, chicken meals, corn, soy, or wheat that might disrupt the cat’s digestive tract health. The formula also helps nourish the cat’s gut health for easy digestion and poop-quality maintenance.

Moreover, cat food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.


  • Contains controlled protein levels to manage the kidney workload
  • Restricted amount of harmful minerals like phosphorus to avoid crystal formation
  • It doesn’t contain grains to support cats that are allergic to gluten
  • The delicious taste entices even picky eaters
  • Cold-formed formula to maintain the nutrient potency


  • It might cause loose stools in some cats
  • It might have to be served with water for hydration

4. Wysong Uretic Dry Natural Cat Food

best cat food to prevent kidney disease

Wysong Uretic dry cat food is the perfect meal plan for your cat that prevents the onset of kidney issues when served in the long run. Available in delicious chicken flavor, the Wysong Uretic cat food comes in granule forms which cats of all breeds love.

The formula is nutrient-dense and time-tested to ensure that the cats live a healthy and nourished life. The Wysong cat food contains whole, fresh ingredients along with a comprehensive & high spectrum of nutraceuticals and micronutrients that include enzymes, prebiotics, omega-3, probiotics, antioxidants, & more.

The formulation consists of 42 percent protein & 15 percent fat with exceptional quality frozen and fresh protein content minus the unwanted fat and fillers. In addition, Wysong doesn’t contain any non-nutritional additives or artificial flavors that might harm kidney health.

This cat food formula is very palatable & formulated to ensure that the cats do not feel deterred after a diet change. The formula has been created after years of scientific testing to ensure it caters to the toxin-removal needs of the body.


  • It contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants that improves the shelf life
  • It consists of trace minerals from geologic deposits and sea salts
  • Packs in a full spectrum of quality minerals and vitamins
  • Ensures a perfect stool consistency with non-additive formula
  • It helps prevent cholesterol buildup in the cat’s body


  • It might cause gastritis issues in some cats
  • Might induce vomiting

5. The Best Cat Food to Prevent Kidney Disease

Blackwood Special Diet Cat Food, Grain Free, Duck Meal, Salmon Meal & Field Pea

Poor-quality protein can add to the problems being faced by your cat’s kidney. However, the Blackwood dry cat food tackles this issue with a quality protein content from duck and salmon. The recipe also contains field pea and comes in a 4 lb package.

Blackwood also doesn’t contain any grain to support your cat’s health if they are allergic to gluten content. The brand is family-owned and made completely in the United States. The food is slow-cooked to ensure that the nutrition is retained completely.

The formulation is also free from artificial fillers or flavors that might be toxic for the cat’s kidney. This dry cat food is ideal for a pet with food sensitivities and is enriched with the goodness of spinach to help maintain the poop consistency.

Moreover, cat food lacks kidney-harming ingredients such as wheat, soy, or corn. The best thing about Blackwood is that it contains a range of crucial nutrients while tasting just as good for picky eaters. The formula also contains probiotics and prebiotics that help promote a healthy digestive system for the pet.


  • Contains enriched protein from quality salmon and duck
  • It contains 4 percent fiber to help with better digestion and avoid constipation
  • It helps boost the cat’s stamina & immune system
  • Nourishes the cat with energy boost with optimum nutrition uptake
  • Slow-cooked diet to ensure nutrition retention


  • Must be served with a fresh bowl of water for hydration
  • Price is a bit higher than competitors

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Before you introduce any major dietary changes in your cat’s lifestyle, it is important to contact the veterinarian. The sooner you visit your veterinarian, the better it is for your cat’s kidney health. These dietary choices can help manage your cat’s existing kidney issues and deter any future possibilities.