10 Best Cat Foods For Shedding In 2022

best cat food for shedding

We all hate finding the pet’s hair everywhere in the house. While this is part and parcel of all the love you get in return, you can surely do things to reduce the shedding.

Shedding is normal in cats and happens twice a day, depending on the season. With consistent grooming & dietary changes, you can cut down the time spent sweeping or vacuuming the house.

While grooming is a straightforward activity, dietary changes require expert advice or can negatively affect your pet’s health. So, here we bring you the best cat food for shedding.

But, before that, let us break down the basics and understand cat fur shedding and things that can help evade this problem.

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We recently updated the list of best-canned cat foods, from where you also can find canned food to stop shedding.

What does your cat need for a lush coat?

Your cat needs some basic care to maintain a lush and healthy coat. So let us discuss them in detail.

1. Protein-Rich Food:

The first thing needed to maintain a lush coat in cats is a protein-rich food. Now, this doesn’t mean you can feed any type of protein to your cat.

While chicken protein is the first preference for most cat owners, you can do one better by opting for turkey, salmon, tuna, and other rarer protein sources.

Avoid food with protein by-products that might not be as nutritious for your pet.

2. Fatty Acids:

Fatty acids such as omega-3 and 6 are important to ensure that the skin and coat remain luscious and shiny. You can also go for cat food that contains DHA and EPA that helps nourish the skin from within.

These elements also help prevent drying the skin and prevent dander or dandruff.

3. Taurine:

Another important component that keeps your cat’s skin at its optimum condition is taurine. It is a chemical variant that is also termed amino sulfonic acid.

It is essential for maintaining healthy immunity in cats, which can also avoid skin inflammation. Taurine is also critical for healthy digestion, normal vision, heart function, etc.

4. Wet or Dry Food:

Unless your cat is a picky eater, it is better to go for wet food instead of dry food. Wet food has a good amount of moisture that can help keep your cat’s skin healthy and moisturized.

If your cat doesn’t like wet cat food, you can simply soak the dry food in water to make your cat drink more water.

5. Vitamins & Minerals:

Minerals and vitamins are important to ensure that your cat’s skin is healthy with soft fur. Some crucial components for your cat’s healthy skin include vitamin A, E, C, B2, zinc, and copper.

This will help you ensure a better skin and coat condition for the cat.

Buyer Guide

Check out this buyer’s guide to ensure that you invest in the right cat food that helps reduce shedding.

1. Nutritionally Complete Diet:

Before you jump the gun and blame it on a parasite or insects such as ticks or fleas, it is important to understand that diet could be a major contributing factor. Lack of a good diet can cause your pet to lose hair rapidly.

So, a vet-recommended, nutritionally-complete diet holds the key to reducing hair fall in your cat.

2. Pricing:

Another factor you need to check before getting cat food for your shedding pet is to check the pricing. If you are on a budget, you can go for dry cat food that is cheaper than wet food. However, it is recommended that you go for wet food if your budget permits.

Some wet food brands also come at a pocket-friendly price. So, you could go for a balanced mix of wet and dry cat food to ensure that your cat is hydrated and nourished without burning a hole in your pockets.

3. No Artificial Flavors or Colors:

If your cat’s current food has artificial flavors or colors, they could also be a major culprit of hair loss. So, you must invest in cat food that focuses on natural flavors while ensuring a chemical-free eating experience for your pets.

Artificial flavors/colors are added to your cat’s diet to make them look and taste better. While this can get your cat hooked to the food, they might overeat. Also, it doesn’t benefit the cat in any way.

It could also induce inflammatory issues and allergies in your cat, which could be a reason for hair shedding.

4. Avoid Protein By-Product:

Poultry by-products are rendered, ground, & clean chunks of slaughtered poultry. This includes body parts like feet, necks, intestines, and undeveloped eggs. While it does supply some protein to your pet, it might not be enough to help them retain a good skin and coat texture.

So, it is advised that one should prefer cat food with a single protein source from animals. This helps nourish your cat’s skin from within. Rendered parts aren’t natural and don’t serve as the healthiest choice for cats.

Moreover, by-products aren’t always acquired from healthy animals. You wouldn’t know how they died, and it could be a disease that makes its way into the cat food.

So, it is ideal that you prefer a single source of animal protein that comes from unique and rare animals. While chicken protein is just as healthy, some cats might be allergic to the same. You can opt for protein from turkey, salmon, beef, and other fishes to compensate.

5. Fiber-Rich Diet:

Digestive issues could also cause hair shedding issues. The food your cat has might have all the necessary ingredients, but digesting and absorbing those ingredients could be the underlying problem.

In addition, if your cat’s stomach is sensitive, those essential minerals and nutrients won’t make it to the skin.

A fiber-rich diet will help smoothen the digestive process and ensure better absorption of the nutrients.

1-IAMS Proactive Health Hairball Control Cat Food:

Shedding is normal for cats in certain months of the year. However, if it happens regularly with higher intensity, it could be related to allergies related to food. Ensure your pet gets the best with the IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food.

Available in chicken, garden greens, & turkey, the IAMS Proactive cat food helps keep your cat’s skin nourished. If your feline friend is allergic to chicken, you can also opt for the salmon variant.

Apart from keeping the skin healthy, the food helps retain strong muscles while providing the cat energy to play. The formula comprises of I-carnitine that helps your cat lose unwanted weight.

This protein-rich dry cat food is perfect for cats that shed a lot. In addition, it keeps issues like hair tangling in check to reduce breakage-induced hair fall.


  • It contains a proprietary balance of nutrients to ensure weight control
  • Less fat as compared to generic cat food brands in the market
  • Nourished with Omega-6 & Omega-3 in the perfect ratio
  • It helps keep the coat shiny and soft to reduce tangling
  • It contains real chicken as its first ingredient


  • Recent recipe change doesn’t bode well with picky eaters
  • It gets moldy when not stored in an air-tight container after opening

2-Hill’s Science Wet Cat Food for Hairball Control:

For picky eaters that do not like the taste of dry food, the Hill’s Science wet cat food is an ideal choice. Available in a savory chicken flavor, this cat food is perfect for cats dealing with hair fall and urinary issues.

The formula has a healthy balance of minerals that keep everything healthy, starting from the cat’s kidney to the bladders.

It also has optimal magnesium levels with natural fiber that helps with the comfortable reduction of hairballs. In addition, Hill’s Science has the perfect blend of omega-3, 6, and vitamin-E to keep your cat’s skin & fur at their best health.

The wet food is also loaded with high-quality protein that helps maintain muscle mass while reducing weight. This wet cat food is created with all-natural ingredients and is manufactured in the United States.

The formula is highly recommended by veterinarians, given its allergy-free concoction.


  • Supports better urinary health
  • Keeps the skin hydrated to avoid itchiness or flakiness
  • Maintains beautiful fur and skin to reduce tangling
  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients that support better heart health
  • It contains a proprietary blend of vitamin-E, Omega-6, & 3


  • The lingering metal smell when opened for the first time
  • Cans are very flimsy

3-Purina One Natural Cat Food Hairball Formula:

The Purina brand has a strong foothold in the cat and dog food department. If you are looking for a trusted formula to help control your cat’s hair fall issues, the Purina One is a great choice. The formula helps retain strong body immunity while ensuring a radiant coat for your cat.

This dry cat food also helps ensure that the high protein content provides an optimum energy level while reducing unwanted weight gain. In addition, the bites are crunchy enough to keep your cat enticed to the texture.

It also helps keep the tartar and plaque off the teeth to ensure better oral health.

The cat food also contains all-real chicken enriched with added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Purina also contains fiber-rich nutrition with natural ingredients that help minimize hairball issues.


  • An easy-to-digest formula that fairs well for cats with a sensitive stomach
  • It contains real chicken to reduce allergic issues
  • It helps maintain strong teeth and gums
  • Crunchy kibble texture that picky cats love
  • It consists of antioxidants to provide immune support


  • It might cause vomiting in some cats
  • A bit more pricey than competitors

4-Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food for Hairball Control:

The hairball control formula by Hill’s Science comes in a bag of 7 lb, 3.5 lb, and 15.5 lb. Available in the form of small and easy-to-chew pellets, this dry cat food serves as a rich protein source for your cat. Apart from focusing on hair fall prevention, the formula helps support the feline’s urinary system.

It also provides your cat access to an optimum concentration of magnesium to support strong teeth and bones. In addition, this dry cat food is a rich source of fiber that helps with the comfortable reduction of hairballs while ensuring easy digestion.

It further contains a good amount of vitamin-E and omega-6 to ensure a healthy coat and skin. Hill’s Science dry cat food also helps maintain healthy muscle mass with weight reduction.

The cat food is formulated in the United States with ingredients sourced globally from trusted producers.


  • Supports healthy urinary system & kidney health
  • It helps control urinary pH with a low magnesium content
  • It doesn’t contain any chicken by-product meal
  • The formulation contains clinically-proven antibiotics with vitamin-E and C
  • It contains high-quality protein that helps retain healthy muscle mass


  • Hair doesn’t become smooth and tangle-free
  • Not ideal for cats that have dental problems

5-Blue Buffalo Hairball Control Dry Cat Food:

Another winner in the market for shedding issues in the cat is the Blue Buffalo dry cat food. This brown rice and chicken formula is perfect for cat breeds of all sizes. It is available in 3, 7, and 15-pound packs with all-real meat. This real-chicken formula has high-quality protein that helps maintain strong muscle mass.

The dry cat food contains wholesome ingredients, including garden veggies, whole grains, & fruits that help keep your cat’s skin lustrous and shiny.

In addition, this naturally-rich source of fiber ensures optimal nutrition absorption that helps minimize hair fall issues.

It serves as a rich source of omega-6 and 3 fatty acids that promote coat and skin health. Blue Buffalo is also known for its proprietary formulation that contains LifeSource bits combining a precise concoction of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


  • Recommended by animal nutritionists and veterinarians
  • Ensures a healthy immune system in young and old cats
  • Made with natural ingredients with minerals and vitamins
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or flavors
  • It helps maintain a healthy oxidative balance with reduced inflammation issues


  • Taste and smell might be unappealing for some cats
  • It might cause gas in some cats

6-Meow Mix Dry Cat Food for Hairball Control:

Available in 3.15 pound and 6.3 pounds packs, the Meow Mix Dry Cat Food is available in turkey, chicken, ocean fish, and salmon flavors. This 100 percent complete and balanced food for hair fall control provides optimum nutrition for young and adult cats.

The formula contains all-essential minerals and vitamins that help keep the hair lustrous and shiny. This everyday cat food helps control the hairballs even before they start.

In addition, its high-quality protein helps support the development of an energetic and lean body.

Moreover, the enticing taste of the dry cat food keeps your cat hooked, even the pickiest ones. So, you don’t have to worry about any food left in the bowl. The formula contains vitamin-E supplements and vitamin-A supplements that keep the skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent flakiness.


  • Helps control hairball issues with a balanced nutrition profile
  • Taste approved even by picky eaters
  • Ocean fish and salmon flavor for cats allergic to chicken or turkey
  • It contains essential minerals and vitamins
  • Wholesome ingredients that are easy-to-digest


  • It might cause diarrhea in certain cats; especially the old ones
  • It might contain some artificial dyes

7-Avoderm Hairball Control Cat Food Recipe:

Ideal for weight control and hair fall issues, the Avoderm Cat Food is available in 3.5, 5.5, 6, and 11-pound packs. This dry cat food comes in chicken flavor in a formulation that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. In addition, this formula promotes a healthy coat and skin, given its rich content of omega acids.

Avoderm also contains avocado, promoting a healthy coat, skin, and immune system that ensures better health for your cat.

This cat food formula contains an all-natural mix of healthy ingredients that aren’t adulterated with artificial chemicals or preservatives.

The cat food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, by-products, or colors that might induce allergic reactions in sensitive pets. Moreover, if your cat is allergic to wheat or corn, this cat food is a perfect choice.


  • Easy to digest cat food that is light on your pet’s stomach
  • Backed by quality ingredients that come from different corners of the United States
  • Dry and crunchy kibble that keeps plaque and tartar away
  • High-quality oils and fats to nourish the skin and coat
  • Prevents tangling issues due to rough hair texture


  • It might cause urinary stone issues in adult cats
  • Taste isn’t as enticing for picky eaters

8-Solid Gold Dry Cat Food Hairball Control Formula:

Probiotics aren’t just good for your cat’s digestive health but also for skin nourishment. Functioning on this formula, the Solid Gold dry cat food has a well-balanced blend of probiotics that help prevent the core issues that cause shedding.

Available in packs of 3, 6, and 12 pounds, this hairball prevention formula is enriched with the goodness of apples, chicken, salmon, and lentils. The pellet size is well suited for cats that belong to small and medium breeds.

In addition, the formula features fermentable fiber & probiotics that aid cats with a sensitive stomach.

This is perfect for issues like hairball prevention & overall wellness for your cat. The omega-rich formula supports your cat’s gut health and general well-being. In addition, Solid Gold packs in nutrients derived from broccoli, almonds, & lentils.


  • It helps your cat thrive from a natural source of minerals
  • It contains fiber-rich prebiotics and probiotics with a patent-protected formula
  • It helps your pet retain optimal gut and digestive health
  • Free from artificial dyes, carrageenan, BHA, and BHT
  • High protein content to keep your cat’s skin nourished


  • It might make some cats throw up
  • Cats might over-eat, leading to weight gain

9-Purina Pro Hairball Plan Dry Cat Food:

The Purina Pro Dry Cat Food comes in a rich turkey, rice, and salmon flavor that keeps your cat hooked to the taste and asking for more. Its limited-ingredient formula helps prevent any allergies or skin flakiness that results in shedding. In addition, this dry and crunchy kibble helps keep your cat’s teeth free of tartar or plaque.

Purina Pro consists of a real turkey perfect for cats with allergic issues and digestive sensitivities. The natural fiber content in this dry cat food helps control hairball issues and keeps the hair luscious.

You also don’t have to worry about your cat overeating as the formula helps with healthy weight management.

The optimized formula has high taurine and vitamin-A that help support a healthy vision.


  • Mixed formula with soft and hard pieces to keep your cat engaged
  • Ideal for cats with sensitive skin and hair fall issues
  • Recommended by veterinarians and animal nutritionists
  • Works well for old cats with digestive issues
  • Doesn’t have any unwanted fillers or by-products


  • The new package doesn’t have a good amount of shreds
  • Too pricey for the nutrition profile

10-Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food:

The Purina Fancy Feast wet cat food is a palatable choice for picky eaters who hate dry food’s crunchy texture. Available in a pack of 24, this cat food can be bought in turkey, chicken, & beef flavors.

Most cats suffer from shedding due to dehydration. This formula keeps them and their skin hydrated.

The cat food provides you access to a complete & balanced nutrition profile that keeps your pet healthy and nourished for years. Its delicate and tender bites are tempting for cats.

The meaty morsels help deliver a delicious texture as well.

This gourmet food recipe keeps your cat’s skin nourished for long and ensures zero tangling to prevent shedding problems.


  • Keeps your cat interested with an enticing flavor
  • Wet food keeps your cat hydrated and helps moisturize the skin
  • A good amount of magnesium keeps the cat’s teeth and bones strong
  • Taurine helps enhance the immune health
  • Big chunks to help the cats eat with ease


  • Ash content might lead to urinary tract issues
  • Can is a bit difficult to open

Does diet affect cat shedding?

Yes, diet does affect your cat’s hair shedding issues. However, it isn’t the only reason. It could be related to an underlying health issue, bad hygiene, seasonal changes, etc. Nevertheless, talking about your cat’s diet concerning shedding plays a crucial role in ensuring that their coat is healthy and luscious.

Cats that lack essential nutrients won’t have a healthy coat and can experience enhanced hair breakage and shedding. Giving your cat the right diet is also important. Just because you think that the current diet is nutritious doesn’t mean it bodes well. Some ingredients in the food might cause allergies and inflammation leading to hair fall issues.

Picking the right and highest-quality food is important to reduce or stop the shedding issues. Cats require a good amount of protein, even higher than dogs. So, you need to focus on providing them with a protein-rich diet with complex carbohydrates & healthy fat. The combination helps maintain a shiny and healthy coat.

If you are confused about picking the right cat food to avoid shedding, you can always contact your veterinarian. Keep in mind the seasonal shedding which is normal and doesn’t require any attention. However, if the shedding is more than normal, consult your veterinarian and opt for a quick diet change.

How can I reduce my cat’s shedding?

The first thing you need to do for reducing your cat’s shedding is to determine whether there is an underlying disease. If the tests are negative, the shedding could be seasonal or related to dietary issues. You don’t have to do much to reduce seasonal shedding. You need to brush the fur regularly and shampoo/condition as required.

Apart from diet, it would help if you also focused on keeping your cat hydrated. Dry skin could cause flakiness and itching, worsening the shedding problems. Most felines shed twice per year, usually in autumn and spring.

If your cat is allergic to regular protein sources, it is better to opt for food supplements that include protein from unique sources. Most cat foods contain chicken protein and by-products that might not bode well. You can prefer cat food with salmon, duck, or turkey-based protein.

Also, you need to check whether the cat food has wheat or any other grain. If your cat is allergic to gluten, it could cause digestive issues leading to poor absorption of nutrients. This directly affects the health of your cat’s skin and coat. So, avoid food with grains, especially for allergic cats.

Why is my indoor cat shedding so much?

Shedding is normal for us humans as well as cats. Felines generally lose hair when the weather is warm. However, the shedding might also be induced due to medical issues like:

  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Infection
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Sunburn

As a pet parent, you need to focus on the amount of shedding. If it seems more than normal, you should immediately contact your veterinarian to find out the underlying issue. Indoor cats have limited activities, which might cause abrupt weight gain, which causes problems such as diabetes.

This affects your cat’s immunity, which can cause rapid hair loss. Age could also be a factor in the thinning and shedding of the fur. You might also see hair loss patches when left unchecked for long. You also need to confirm whether it is alopecia which happens due to mange-causing parasites or fungi like ringworm.

However, in most cases, it happens due to a bad diet. If you rely on ready-made wet or dry cat food for your cat, it is important to check the ingredients. Make sure the food doesn’t have any ingredients that might cause allergies. Some well-known culprits are gluten-based grains such as wheat. Protein by-products can also be insufficient for your cat in terms of protein content. So, make sure you opt for real-meat instead of by-product-based cat food.

What should I feed my cat for hair loss?

If your cat’s food doesn’t have high-quality protein or a protein source that isn’t easy to digest, it could cause brittle and thin hair. When ignored for the long term, it could cause hair loss issues. Your cat’s diet should have the required levels of vitamin-E and vitamin-A to ensure hair loss prevention and a healthy coat.

They help regulate the cell growth cycle & serve as antioxidants to reduce inflammation issues. Cat’s skin & hair requires a good amount of quality protein to grow and function effectively. About 30 percent of their protein consumed daily by cats is used for building and renewing their skin condition. Keratin produced in a cat’s body is also dependent on the diet. The Quality source of protein can be:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Beef

Keratin helps keep up the skin and hair quality while keeping them strong and unbreakable. Hair loss rectification requires dietary changes as the first move. Once you start providing the best diet, it is time for you to cross out other possible issues with the help of your veterinarian.

How can I treat my cat’s hair loss?

First, check for ticks or fleas in your cat’s hair. Hair loss could be induced due to these pests. However, a quick diet change is recommended if hair loss is induced due to dietary problems. In addition, your veterinarian might prescribe the use of hydrocortisone spray. This prevents the cat from scratching and worsening hair loss.

Focus on the basics of a good diet for cats, such as animal protein. Complete and balanced food for cats should come from high-quality turkey, beef, chicken, eggs, or fish. Feeding your cat a balanced diet helps regenerate the body tissues and hair faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Shedding is common, and you shouldn’t panic right away when you see a few strands of hair on your bed or sofa. The key is to check for seasonal shedding, and if so, a quick brushing session can help get rid of the loose hair strands.

Your cat will keep shedding for a few months, but the solution is to visit the veterinarian soon if it does so longer than that. You can choose from the options mentioned above if the reason for your cat’s hair loss is diet.

You can go for reputed brands like Purina, Blue Buffalo, Hill’s Science, and other options reviewed by us.

However, if you are looking for an all-rounder at a pocket-friendly price, the key is to opt for the IAMS Proactive Health dry cat food. This formula contains all-real ingredients minus the by-products to ensure that your cat’s coat is nourished and healthy.

Remember, a vet’s recommendation is always important to ensure that your pet gets the best for better health.