5 Best Cat Foods for Gassy Cats and Kittens in 2022

best cat food for gassy cats

Has your cat been dealing with gastritis for a long time now? Could the diet be an issue here? While certain health conditions cause bloating and gas in your pets, food could also be a major problem. So, here are the best cat and kitten food choices you can provide your pet to get rid of gastritis issues.

1. Whole Earth Farms Dry Grain-Free Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Available in various flavors, the Whole Earth Farms dry cat food is perfect for kittens and cats that often experience gastric issues. You can select from flavors that include turkey, duck, chicken, tuna, & whitefish. Moreover, this dietary supplement for cats comes in 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 pounds, and 15 pounds pack.

These pellets are perfect for feline breeds of different sizes, including small ones. The formula uses real-ingredient and not just artificial flavoring. The protein content helps your cat thrive without worrying about inflammation.

The Whole Earth Farms doesn’t contain any grains that make kittens and cats gassy. In addition, the formula doesn’t focus on including multiple protein variants but rather a few good-quality proteins to ensure better digestive strength.

Further, the cat food contains real and wholesome ingredients to bind the pellets together, including peas, alfalfa, potatoes, and salmon oil. It also keeps your cat from developing allergies as it doesn’t contain soy, artificial colors, protein by-products, or other artificial preservatives.

Most felines get gassy when cat food uses corn or wheat as filler ingredients that don’t necessarily provide any nutrition to your pet. This cat food doesn’t contain ingredients and protects your feline from frequent gas issues. The brand is also listed as one of our best cat food brands.

Whole Earth is cooked and prepared in America whilst ensuring that the ingredients are safe, healthy, and sanitary to ensure health and wellness for your cat & kittens.


  • The grain-free formulation that doesn’t make your cat gassy
  • It contains high-quality protein such as salmon, turkey, tuna, etc
  • Small-sized pellets that fit well into your cat’s mouth
  • Adheres t the nutritional requirements mandated by AAFCO
  • It doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives or artificial flavoring


  • Must be served with fresh water to ensure hydration
  • It might cause your pet to gain weight if the portion isn’t kept in check

2. Best Cat Food for Gassy Cats

best cat food for gassy cats

The Natural Balance grain-free cat food is perfect for a cat dealing with stomach issues. The formula is available in chicken flavor and provides your cat with a naturally-balanced nutrition supply. This dry food also contains plant-based ingredients that provide enough fiber for the cats to ensure healthy digestion.

Enriched with essential minerals and vitamins, this feline food has the best flavor and texture for picky eaters. The formula doesn’t contain any fillers, grains, potatoes, colors, and artificial flavors that might irritate your cat’s stomach during the digestion process.

The Natural Balance cat food contains limited ingredients with high-quality protein that helps reduce any stomach inflammation issues that might cause gas issues in your pet. The formula also contains a balanced level of Omega to ensure that your cat’s skin and fur remains healthy and shiny.

This dry cat food contains 59 percent animal protein and fat, followed by 34 percent plant content to enrich your pet’s digestive requirements. Moreover, this feline food contains 7 percent essential minerals, vitamins, & other ingredients to keep your cat at its highest energy levels.

The formula contains real meat as the first ingredient to help your cat maintain muscle mass without gaining unnecessary weight.


  • It contains healthy fatty acids to support a healthy coat and skin
  • It consists of limited ingredients to support the reduction of gas-causing elements
  • Adheres to the taste & texture requirements of picky eaters
  • It doesn’t contain any fillers, grains, or artificial colors
  • It contains high-quality animal protein as the first ingredient


  • The latest formula change has made the pellets crumbly
  • Packaging isn’t strong; it tends to break in transit

3. Crave High Protein Grain-Free Cat Food

best cat food for gassy kitten

If your kitten or cat loves to nibble on a combination of chicken and salmon, your best bet is to get the Crave High Protein cat food. The cat food is available in two unique flavor combinations that include chicken+salmon and salmon+ocean fish.

You can also opt for the plain chicken-flavored option if your feline is allergic to fish. Crave cat food is available in 3 sizes that include 2lbs, 4lbs, and 10lbs pack. The feline food is formulated especially for cats that don’t indulge in outdoor activities.

This grain-free, dry cat food consists of a recipe that contains all-natural and real ingredients providing optimum energy for your pet. In addition, given that the formula doesn’t contain any grain, it helps cats with gluten allergies. This, in turn, reduces gastritis issues while helping with better digestion.

The food provides your cats and kittens ample energy from high-quality carbohydrates along with minerals, vitamins, & other crucial nutrients. In addition, this high-protein feline food provides your feline with crucial nutrients that aid in muscle development while supporting strong digestive health & immunity.

The formula doesn’t contain any form of meat by-product, wheat, corn, or soy protein. This ensures that your cat doesn’t have to face any digestive issues that might produce gas when fed daily. The cat food surpasses the quality standards while ensuring that the food doesn’t contain any form of toxins that might harm your cat’s digestive health.


  • Provides complete & balanced nutrition for kittens & adult cats
  • Great flavor and texture that suits the needs of picky eaters
  • Crunchy texture helps get rid of tartar or plaque buildup
  • It contains 40 percent high-quality protein with real chicken
  • Ideal for cats aged above 1 year


  • It might cause urinary issues and promote crystal formation
  • It might induce vomiting issues in certain cats

4. Best Cat Food for Gassy Kitten

Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Salmon & Yellow Pea Recipe

The Hill’s Science dry cat food is ideal for cats that tend to struggle with gastritis. This high-quality cat food consists of salmon and yellow pea that helps treat your cat’s stomach and skin to prevent any allergens from creating gas.

Available in 15.5 pounds, 7 pounds, and 3.5 pounds packs, this cat food is well-suited for cats of all sizes. Hill’s Science feline food is a rich source of beneficial prebiotic fiber that fuels your cat’s gut to ensure a healthy biome that doesn’t induce gas issues.

Further, the cat food nourishes your pet’s skin with the right dosage of fatty acids and vitamin E. Hill’s Science also ensures that your cat’s immunity is at its peak. The nutrients in the food allow a steady and thriving growth for your kitten without compromising the muscle mass.

The formulation of this feline food makes it highly digestible to ensure top-notch nutrient absorption hence turning it into the best cat food for gassy kittens. Moreover, the rich fiber content in the cat food helps prevent issues such as constipation while allowing easy feces pickup.

This dry cat food is formulated in the United States inclusive of ingredients sourced globally and can be trusted in terms of quality. Moreover, the formula is trusted and recommended by veterinarians for your cat’s health.


  • Ensures top-notch digestive health with its prebiotic formula
  • Maintains healthy and lustrous skin & coat
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors/colors
  • It contains chicken protein as its first ingredient
  • Enriched with the goodness of minerals, vitamins, & amino acids


  • Cats do not like the newly changed formula
  • The size of the kibbles aren’t ideal for kittens

5. Orijen Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food, Grain Free, Premium Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients

Available in three enticing flavors, the Orijen dry cat food is perfect for cats that regularly suffer from acid reflux and gastritis. The formula is available in flavors that include original, six fish, & regional red in 4 and 12 pounds packs.

With Orijen, you can provide your cat or kitten with an original diet that delivers a well-regulated nutrition profile. The formula contains the whole, fresh animal protein of the free-run & wild-caught kind. Even the eggs used in the formula are acquired from cage-free chicken to ensure healthy meat for your pet.

The cat food consists of 90 percent high-quality animal protein that nourishes your feline’s biological and natural needs. Orijen uses raw ingredients that include cartilage, organs, meat, & bone minus the by-products to promote optimum health for your feline friend.

The formula doesn’t contain any grain particles as an ingredient and helps your pet evolve as they grow into a healthy feline. It is the best cat food for gassy cats.


  • It contains real meat as the first 5 ingredients
  • Supports a healthy digestive system with high-quality prebiotics
  • Provides your cat with necessary fiber from vegetables and fruits
  • It contains Omega to help ensure a healthy and shiny coat
  • Helps support your cat’s heart health with Taurine


  • Your cat might require additional hydration
  • Kibbles aren’t crunchy enough

To educate cat parents we recently published two well-researched resources on how to make cat food at home that includes recipes and step-by-step processes & how often to feed cats wet food? So you can better take care of your cat.


The next time you observe that your cat is gassy, offer them any of these options, and you can see a positive change in their digestive health. Make sure you test out small batches first and then proceed with those that suit your cat well.