7 Best Cat Foods and Digestive Supplements for Firm Stool

cat food for firm stool

When it comes to taking care of your cat’s digestive health, you might not have to put in much effort compared to a dog. Cats are naturally picky eaters, and they know what is best for their health.

However, certain house cats that haven’t been in the wild don’t know what is right and what isn’t. So, the key is to understand the best food your cat is to digest easily and avoid loose stools. Let’s dig out to find the best cat food for firm stool.

What are the ingredients your cat can digest properly?

If you plan on switching your cat’s current food with a new one, you need to check out the ingredients present in the formula. So, let us check out the ingredients that gel well with your cat’s digestion and help firm up the stool.

  • Natural Whole Meat/Chicken: Your cat’s food should have natural whole meat/chicken instead of a chicken meal or similar fillers. It gives your cat access to optimum nutrition.
  • Single Protein: Look for single proteins in your cat’s food, such as fish or meat, given that your pet is an obligate carnivore.
  • Prebiotics: If your cat food consists of prebiotics and fiber, it will most definitely support your pet’s digestive health while avoiding the possibility of loose stool or diarrhea.
  • Fiber: Fiber is surely an amazing option for cats with loose stool. While your cat might not need as much fiber as you, it is recommended that you get cat food with a good amount of it.

Also, remember not all fillers added to the cat food are bad for your pet. Low-grade fillers with fiber do aggravate your pet’s intestinal walls as opposed to promoting digestive health. Cats can gel well with some amount of carbohydrates added to their diet.

However, it isn’t a natural part of their food habit, leading to multiple health issues. So, look for dietary supplements that contain a low amount of carbohydrates.

However, this filler content is necessary to hold the mix together and give it a unique and palatable shape.

Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations of cat food for firm stool:

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Fillers in Cat Food You Should Avoid

Fillers in cat food have questionable value in terms of nutrition. Several things in the cat food aren’t necessary but make up for a part of the ingredients. While some of them are important, others aren’t:

  • Grain and meat by-products: These by-products are cheaper to source as compared to whole, high-quality meat. In addition, it is used to enhance calorie and protein content.
  • Beet pulp, green peas, potato, sweet potato, carrots, etc.: These filler ingredients are cost-effective to enhance the calorie content while ensuring that the kibbles hold their shape.
  • Carrageenan: Carrageenans are used for the improvement of the food’s texture.
  • Soy Products: Ingredients such as TVP, soybean meal, soy protein, and other soy products are cheaper protein sources than meat.
  • Chemically-Altered Proteins: Check for ingredients such as hydrolyzed chicken or soy protein isolates that help increase the protein content added to hypoallergenic feline food.
  • Food Coloring: Although the coloring makes the food look more attractive, it is meant to entice pet owners. It has no relation with your pet’s nutritional requirements.

These filler ingredients can cause adverse reactions post-ingestion by the cat. In addition, any ingredient that has the potential to irritate your cat’s GI tract can lead to skin problems and chronic digestive issues.

Therefore, finding the best cat food containing any problematic filler could be a massive challenge.

Tips to Firm Up Your Cat’s Stool

To firm up your cat’s stool, you need to follow this checklist.

Change the Cat’s Existing Food

If you have recently changed your cat’s food, it could be the reason for their digestive issues. So, it is ideal for switching back to the older diet and introducing the changes subsequently.

Then, get in touch with your veterinarian and ask for recommendations for better food options that help firm up the stool.

Introduce Fiber to your Pet’s Diet

While some cats do fair well with a low-fiber diet, it is important to understand that each cat is different. Remember, the right amount of fiber is necessary to keep your pet in a healthy condition with better stools.

However, do not go overboard with fiber, or else your pet might experience frequent stools. The best cat food for firm stool must have right amount of fiber to aid digestion in cats.

Encourage Water/Electrolyte Intake

Cats that suffer from diarrhea need to up their water intake to avoid dehydration issues. Add some fresh water to your cat’s bowl or dry food to ensure they take in the required amount of liquid.

Alternatively, you can switch from a kibble-based diet to a canned diet to increase the cat’s water intake.

Mixing some beef broth or diluted chicken broth into your pet’s drinking bowl can help them slurp more water than they normally do.

Add Some Probiotics

A healthy gut bacteria population in your cat’s intestine is ideal for better digestion. Supplements that are rich in probiotics will naturally bring back the stool to its healthy and firm condition.

Do cats poop less on grain-free food?

The straight answer to this question is no. It is rather the opposite. Supplements and cat food that are grain-free contain a good amount of protein & can be digested with ease. Moreover, it is ideal for cats that are allergic to grains that have gluten.

However, if your cat is suffering from loose stool, a grain-free diet can surely reduce excretion frequency and help firm up the stool.

Do cats poop less with better food?

Cats that are fed low-quality feline food tend to have frequent and large bowel movements. It happens because a massive portion of the food remains undigested and is expelled quicker than it digests well.

Apart from this, cats that have a habit of eating more can also have larger or frequent bowel movements. In addition, any abrupt changes in the food type could also induce stomach irritation and cause the poop to loosen up and cause diarrhea.

So, investing in high-quality cat food is important to firm up the stool.

1. Honest Herbal Digestive Supplement for Cats

best cat food for firm stool

Does your furry friend suffer from occasional diarrhea or loose stools? Diet plays an important role in deciding your pet’s digestive health. The Honest Herbal digestive supplement for cats is an amazing choice that helps keep your cat’s stomach healthy. The supplement is ideal for cats that deal with loose stools due to environmental stress, a new diet, or dietary indiscretion.

The supplement is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council. It is made out of herbs that help soothe & protect the pet’s GI tract. Unlike other pet supplements, the ingredients used are 100 percent human-grade and produced with proper quality checks.

This dry supplement can be mixed with water and served to your cat in a paste-like form. It is suggested that one must mix the supplement with the current diet or serve as a topper. The diet helps support stool consistency & ensures optimum bowel health.


  • It contains papaya leaf and pumpkin seed to add more fiber
  • Ideal for smooth transitioning into any new diet
  • Meets the quality standards for manufacturing livestock feed
  • It doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients
  • Has zero colors, preservatives, or flavors


  • Some cats might not like the taste
  • Can is only half-filled

2. Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Prebiotics are great for your cat, especially if they suffer from loose stools. The Hill’s Science cat food is loaded with prebiotic fiber that fuels the beneficial bacteria in your cat’s gut. It helps support your cat’s microbiome and helps with better digestion.

The cat food for adults is easy to digest and perfect for faster nutrient absorption & makes it easy for you to pick up the stool. Moreover, the food does way more than nourish your cat’s digestive tract.

It helps make your cat’s hair and skin better with the help of omega-6 and vitamin E. This is the reason we recommend it as the best cat food for firm stool.

Manufactured from natural and healthy ingredients, veterinarians highly recommend this dry food. The cat food is highly digestible and is also gentle on your cat’s stomach.

Available in chicken flavor, this dry cat food is a tasty addition to your cat’s diet. Best of all, the company tends to use less packaging to keep it environmental-friendly.


  • Easy to digest with complete nutrition for your cat
  • Vitamin-E helps make your cat’s skin glossy and healthy
  • Clinically proven for its antioxidant benefits
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors
  • Ideal for adult or old cats


  • Rice & egg formula is now chicken; some cats might not like it
  • Pellets are too large

3. Blue Buffalo Adult Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Brown Rice

Created from a high-quality chicken meal, the Blue Buffalo cat food is perfect for cats that need real meat instead of fillers in their food. The dry food helps keep your cat’s muscles strong and helps the gut bacteria thrive. It also consists of whole grains, fruits, and garden veggies.

The food formula consists of FOS prebiotics that supports digestive health & promotes faster nutrition absorption. The cat food also consists of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat for your pet. Blue Buffalo is a perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, & critical animal nutrients that support a healthy immune system.

The dry food is also made from fine and naturally occurring ingredients that don’t contain wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial flavors, or anything that can affect your cat’s digestion. It also contains high-quality protein that comes from a delicious and deboned chicken.


  • It contains a healthy mix of garden veggies with carrots & whole peas
  • It helps maintain a healthy oxidative balance
  • It contains a good amount of antioxidants with blueberries & cranberries
  • Manufactured in cold-form to help preserve the potency
  • Helps with weight management with fiber support


  • It might induce vomiting in certain old cats
  • It tends to cause gas issues

4. Purina One The Best Cat Food for Firm Stool

best cat food for firm stool

The Purina One cat food is a protein-rich option for cats that love crunchy kibbles without causing stomach issues. The turkey-flavored cat food has an easy-to-digest formula which is perfect for sensitive systems. The food is also rich in omega-6, which aids the skin & coat health of your cat.

Purina is also loaded with antioxidants that support the improvement of your cat’s immune system. The food is ideal for adult cats between the ages of 1 to 7 that need support for better gut health. Not just that, the pellet design helps reduce any tartar or plaque buildup. The cat food packs in 12 percent moisture for cats that suffer from urinary issues.

If your cat is allergic or sensitive to chicken or beef, this cat food is perfect for tackling stomach issues.


  • It contains brewer’s rice that is a perfect alternative to carbohydrate
  • Packs in cornmeal that helps add into the protein percentage
  • Low in fat content and doesn’t add to the weight
  • It contains dried peas and carrots for added fiber
  • Properly-sized kibbles for an easy chewing experience


  • It contains some filler agents known to trigger allergies
  • Gluten present in the food might not be ideal for some cats

5. Nature’s Pure Edge Cat Supplement

Cat digestive supplement for firm stool

The perfect way to get your cats to poop right is to add some fiber content to their diet. The Nature’s Pure Edge supplement for cats comes with high-quality natural fiber that helps your cat make a perfect stool.

In addition, the perfectly balanced mix of carrot, pumpkin, grass fiber, and prebiotics help maintain a healthy digestive system.

It is a perfect solution for cats that suffer from loose stools or diarrhea. It is also ideal for cats that suffer from constipation. The food helps with the quick treatment of digestive health while boosting your cat’s immune system.

Apart from this, cat food helps treat weight problems, bloating, lethargy, allergies, flatulence, diarrhea, or food intolerance.

The 5-in-1 proprietary cat food formula has grass, pumpkin, carrot, inulin, and other active enzymes that serve as a complete transitioning approach for better digestion. Moreover, this food for a cat with a sensitive stomach doesn’t contain flaxseed or molasses.


  • Help reduce stool odor, gas, or bad breath
  • Helps deal with GI issues
  • It doesn’t contain grain, gluten, dairy, or soy
  • Help reduce stinky breath that happens due to digestive issues
  • Naturally-dehydrated carrots to treat bloating


  • It doesn’t mention any recommended dosage for the pet
  • It prevents the possibility of bum scooting due to diarrhea

6. Halo Dry Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Halo Dry Cat Food, Sensitive Stomach, Seafood Medley

The Halo cat food provides natural digestive support for your pet suffering from diarrhea. It consists of real and whole meat, which is delicious & healthy for any adult cat with stomach issues.

The dry food doesn’t contain any form of chicken, fish, or meat meal that could be substandard for your cat’s digestive health.

The ingredients used in the dry food are sourced sustainably with no input to factory farming. The fishes used in the formula are sourced from the Marine Stewardship Council’s list of approved sustainable fisheries.

The formula of best cat food for firm stool also uses GMO-free vegetables and fruits sourced from farms in the United States and other countries globally.

The food is easy to digest and ideal for a pet with a sensitive stomach. In addition, this pet formula doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients that worsen the stool’s consistency and lead to more digestive complications in the future.


  • Contains novel proteins & whole grain for healthier stools
  • The formula contains added taurine for better heart and eyes health
  • It helps maintain healthy muscle growth with better energy levels
  • Pellets are crunch & tasty to help remove any plaque/tartar
  • Houses a tasty medley or seafood for picky eaters


  • It comes with fillers that might be allergic to certain cats
  • Pricing is a bit high

7. Instinct Kitten Food with Natural Recipe

Instinct cat food for firm stool

It is not just the adult or old cats that suffer from loose stools or digestive issues; even your kitten can suffer. The grain-free food is made with high-quality, cage-free whole chicken instead of chicken meal. The dry food also consists of nutritious oil and 19 percent fruits, vegetables, & other allergy-free ingredients.

The Instinct kitten food is a careful mix of probiotics that aid with better immune and digestive health. The Omega 3 & 6 present in the food provides you with healthy skin and soft, shiny fur.

It doesn’t contain any potato, grain, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, or by-products that could irritate the cat’s stomach.

Each kibble in the recipe is coated with freeze-dried, high-quality raw that adds to the taste and nutrition. As a result, the delicious flavor added to the kitten food doesn’t irk even the pickiest eaters.


  • It doesn’t contain any corn, grain, soy, potato, or wheat
  • Provides your kitten enough energy to grow and play
  • Helps with eye and brain development
  • Aids proper weight improvement for young cats
  • Ideal for picky eaters while aiding better digestion


  • It might induce vomiting in certain kittens
  • Poop might smell

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So, the next time you are out on a walk with your feline friend, take a quick peek at the stool’s color, consistency, and texture. Now, if the poop seems runny or too loose to pick up with ease, it’s time to consider changing their diet.

Remember, a slow transition from your existing food to the best cat food for firm stool is ideal for your cat as opposed to sudden change. Let your cat acclimatize to the new eating habit instead of forcing it upon them.