10 Best Cat Food for Kittens (Dry & Wet)

best cat food for kittens

We have witnessed people stressing a lot over what to feed their furry friends. Unfortunately, given the fact that there’s massive confusion regarding the best cat food, going through thousands of cat foods online won’t help you finalize your cat’s diet. And kittens should have a very nutritious diet to be blessed with longer and healthier life.

So, how do you finalize your kitten’s diet? What are the main ingredients it should have? We know these are some of the questions hovering over your head. Therefore we’ve put together this buying guide with all the necessary information to care for your feline friend.

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Our experts recently update the list of best dry cat food for indoor cats and exclude foods with recall history.

How to select the best wet and dry cat food?

It would help look for specific characteristics while searching for cat foods for kittens. For example, your kitten can be a picky eater, and it is important to select what serves them best. It applies both to taste as well as nutrition.

Read on to know things you should check while getting your hands over a certain product.

1. Pay Attention to Label 

Almost all the ingredients present inside a product are listed on the label. So, make sure to look into it first. Firstly, look at whether the product is designed for adult cats or kittens.

And then, find out whether they’re made for outdoor cats or indoor cats. You can also determine how many servings it’ll provide and whether it’s worth its price.

2. Source of Protein

Being carnivorous, a cat’s diet should have sufficient animal-based proteins to lead a healthy life. Their diet must have a minimum of 30% protein, which might vary according to their age.

Compared to adult ones, kittens will require more protein to build tissues. Again, older cats need to be fed more protein than adult ones because it will help maintain tissues while aging.

3. Must Have Ingredients

There are five things to look for while going through the cat food ingredients. These ingredients are the must-haves in a good cat product. Since cats do not respond well to carbohydrates, make sure the top five items should be meat-based.

No doubt it might be a tad bit expensive, but it’ll be the most nutritious, healthiest, and the best option for your kitten. You might find some vegetables listed in the top-5 items, which is okay if three of them are animal products.

4. High Digestibility

Let’s first understand the meaning of digestibility. It relates to the amount of food absorbed in your cat’s body. Cats might find it difficult to digest some foods as compared to others. You can figure out your cat’s facing digestive issues from its stool. It might come out frequent, foul-odor, and loose.

In addition, cheap items such as artificial preservatives, fillers, and other by-products, usually don’t get absorbed. So, make sure the cat food you’re choosing is rich in moisture and of higher quality, which will further help in the complete digestion of food.

As a result, your cat’s system will be blessed with more nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

5. Source

As a responsible pet owner, you must be aware of cat food sources. Reliable manufacturers are closely regulated so that you know their facilities are hygienic and safe.

Some must-have words in the product label are free-range, organic, and grass-fed because only some companies can use such words.

Dry Food vs Wet Food: Which is Best?

All types of cat foods have some drawbacks. It’s on you to decide which kind of food is best for your cat. Veterinarians generally recommend feeding your cat with wet food for better hydration. However, not every kitten or cat likes the taste and texture of wet food.

So, the key is to select their preferred food type by checking out the nutrition profile. Here, we bring you all the required information regarding these two broad categories.

1. Dry Food

If you’re working for most of the hours in a day, you should go for dry foods for your cat. You can leave the food out, and your cat can binge on them whenever it wants to. All the nutrients stay intact for a longer time, and at the same time, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the dry food must be supplemented with fish, meat, chicken, or other natural wet foods.

3. Wet Food

As the name suggests, wet food contains higher moisture, beneficial for cats. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that cats naturally do not wish to drink water as dogs do. So, you’ll have to trick your cat into drinking water by feeding them wet foods.

It’ll increase their water intake, but they cannot be easily stored and served. Also, wet foods are a little bit on the expensive side. Other than that, it’s an excellent option for your cats.

Now that you’re aware of what you should look for while going cat food shopping, let’s move on and see the top 10 best cat foods available in the market.

Top 10 Best Cat Food for Kittens

1. The Best Cat Food for Kittens

Purina Kitten Chow Dry Kitten Food, Nurture

Made from high-quality chicken, the Purina Chow is something your kitten would love to chew on daily. This kibble has a unique and crunchy texture loved even by picky eaters. This dry food is ideal for cat breeds of all sizes. However, you must read the instructions to give your kitten the right amount of food.

This 14lb pack is designed to nurture your growing kitten and help them thrive with a high energy quotient. The formula is made with all-real chicken and doesn’t contain any by-products. This gives your kitten access to high-quality protein for muscle-mass retention.

Purina Chow also contains essential growth nutrients that help your kitten grow faster without gaining weight. Your kitten also gets access to DHA that helps support vision and brain development among the list of ingredients.

Although dry food contains high-calorie content, Purina Chow manages to keep it at a controlled level. With each cup of Purina served to your kitten, your pet gets 414kcal/cup. In addition, the formula contains nutrients that are primarily found in mother’s milk which helps your kitten’s immunity thrive.

Purina Chow contains 0.12 percent Taurine, which reduces allergic issues or inflammation caused due to diseases. This dry food for kittens works best when served from the first year of a pet’s life. Moreover, the formula doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors that might be toxic for certain cats.


  • Crunchy kibble texture is perfect for teething kittens
  • It remains fresh even when left out for a long time
  • It helps your kitten develop lean muscles for weight maintenance
  • Formulated with real chicken that provides high-quality protein
  • It contains antioxidants for better immune health


  • It might require you to provide water separately for hydration
  • It needs to be stored in an air-tight container, or it can get moldy

2. Purina Fancy Feast Wet Grain-Free Kitten Food

Kitten Food Variety Pack

Next in our series of recommendations is the Purina Fancy Feast wet food in 4 delectable flavors. The first option is tender chicken, then tender salmon, tender turkey, and ocean whitefish. The formula also contains real milk to add to the hydration factor.

This wet kitten food provides your pet with accurate calcium for better bone growth. The package contains a total of 24 cans that can be switched from time to time if your kitten is a picky eater. The formula has a smooth texture that packs in an exceptional taste.

The best thing about this kitten food is that it doesn’t contain any grain, which bodes well for allergic pets. Instead, it has all-real seafood and poultry formulated especially for kittens. The delicious taste of the kitten food is why your pet would always leave the bowl clean.

When serving this food to your kitten, you can ensure that your pet gets access to wholesome ingredients. In addition, the formula is 100 percent balanced and complete to help your pet thrive through its first year.

The bits and pieces in the kitten food are small enough to fit into the small mouths easily. In addition, the cans are designed with a pull-tab that can be opened quickly. Plus, the cans are also easy to serve from and store.

Unlike other wet kitten food, this formula doesn’t contain a lot of watery-gravy. Rather, it contains a good amount of protein-rich food for your kitten’s faster growth.


  • It doesn’t make your kitten gain any unnecessary weight
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Provides optimum hydration as compared to dry food
  • It is gentle on the kitten’s stomach
  • Adequately portioned cans with sufficient protein


  • Must not be left un-refrigerated after opening for 12+ hours
  • Old and adult cats might not like the taste

3. Kitzy Amazon Brand Dry Kitten Food

Kitzy Dry Cat Food

An original by Amazon, the Kitzy dry food is perfect for kittens that belong to the small breed group. This formula contains enough nutrients and vitamins to help kittens and small cats thrive. Kitzy always uses real meat as its first ingredient to provide your kitten with the best quality protein.

This nutrition-rich recipe contains peas & sweet potatoes as filler ingredients that don’t add a lot of calories to your pet’s diet. Moreover, the formula doesn’t contain any added grain, ideal for kittens dealing with a sensitive stomach.

Kitzy offers a balanced and complete nutrition profile for kittens and fuels their energy needs without making them gain unnecessary weight. In addition, the formula helps your kitten’s lean muscle on point and helps keep your cat active throughout the day.

This cat food is formulated without added wheat, grain, soy, or corn. Moreover, the food doesn’t contain any by-products, artificial flavors, or toxic colors that might harm your kitten’s health. To ensure that your cat doesn’t have any issues with the transition, make sure you bring in the change slowly.

Moreover, the brand brings trust in terms of quality as it is manufactured in the USA with quality ingredients acquired from different parts of the world. The brand also promises a complete refund within 1 year from purchase if the quality doesn’t satisfy you.

The formula contains 100 percent real American Turkey. It also adheres to the nutrient profiles established by AAFCO to ensure your kitten stays healthy for years to come.


  • It doesn’t contain any grains to ensure zero stomach issues
  • It contains 32% protein with nutritious vegetables and protein
  • It contains flaxseeds for fiber content and smooth bowel movement
  • It consists of a crunchy texture to keep plaque away
  • Keeps your kitten’s fur smooth and silky


  • A bit on the pricier side as compared to competitors
  • It might not be ideal for picky eaters

4. Best Dry Cat Food for Kittens

Natural Kitten Dry Cat Food

Another healthy and nutritious dietary choice you can try out for your growing kitten is the Blue Buffalo High Protein Wilderness dry food. The package is available in 2 pounds and 5-pound variants. Alternatively, you can also opt for a bundle deal that includes 5lb dry food along with 30z wet food in 24 cans.

Blue Buffalo is formulated with high-quality chicken, suited for kittens of different sizes and breeds. Felines are carnivores by nature, and this food feeds their wild side. The formula is loaded with protein that contains quality-controlled meat that tends to the cravings of kittens in need of energy.

This dry food doesn’t contain any grain-based particles that might cause allergies in kittens with sensitive stomachs. Instead, it contains ingredients that help promote healthy body development. In addition, this formula contains ARA and DHA that is found in a feline mother’s milk.

Blue Buffalo contains Taurine in the formulation to support a kitten’s retinal health and cognitive development. Moreover, it contains LifeSource Bits, a balanced blend of vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals. This dry food formula is made post consultation with animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to aid feline immune health.

With Blue Buffalo, you can be assured that the formula doesn’t contain any poultry or chicken by-product. The formula is also devoid of ingredients that might cause allergies in your feline, including wheat, corn, artificial flavors, soy, or toxic preservatives.


  • A grain-free formula that doesn’t cause stomach allergies
  • Contains DHA for the kitten’s cognitive development
  • It contains healthy and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes
  • It contains antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits
  • Provides your cat with an optimal blend of fat and protein


  • Kibbles are a bit too hard for kittens
  • Some kittens might over-eat due to taste; portion control is important

5. Best Wet Cat Food for Kittens

Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food

If you are looking for a completely nutritious wet food option for your kitten, the Wellness Natural Canned Food is a perfect choice. This canned food is available in two options of 3 ounces and 5.5 ounces. In addition, both of these options are available in 24 pack cans.

This canned food is healthy and natural for a natural kitten formula while providing your kittens with the right amount of quality protein. It also contains important fatty acids and added Taurine that helps support heart and eye health.

Moreover, the Taurine present in this canned food also helps evade any inflammation issues caused due to certain feline diseases. The formula contains superior ingredients that include lean meat to provide quality protein and maintain muscle mass.

With Wellness Natural, you provide your kitten with healthy fruits, fats, and veggies minus the corn, wheat, or soy. The best thing about this canned food is that it doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or carrageenan.

Hydration is an important aspect for kittens that remain active throughout the day. This wet food helps you provide the necessary hydration and avoid any possible dehydration in young cats. Cat’s don’t like to drink water, and wet food is the best way to keep them hydrated and with a healthy urinary tract.

Wellness offers your kittens a nutritious and delicious diet that promotes energy boost, lustrous coat, hydrated skin, better digestion, strong teeth, boosted immunity, & healthy eyes.


  • Formulated by veterinarians, nutritionists, & animal enthusiasts for optimum health
  • Uses finest-quality ingredients to nourish your growing kitten
  • Smooth textured pieces for picky felines
  • Ensures better brain development with healthy digestion
  • Maintains healthy bone and teeth with calcium content


  • It might cause urine pH imbalance
  • Cans aren’t durable enough; they might break during shipping

6. Royal Canin Kitten Chaton Feline Healthy Dry Food

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Food for Young Kittens

The Royal Canin Chaton is a pocket-friendly dry food option for kittens that need high energy during the growth stage. Formulated with high-quality chicken protein, this dry food has the perfect nutrition for kittens belonging to the small breed.

This dry food is available in 3.5 pound, 7 pound, and 15-pound packs. Royal Canin Chaton is ideal for kittens entering the 2nd stage of their life starting from 4 months of age. It contains a balanced blend of vitamins and antioxidants that help provide optimum immune support to the kitten with a developing body.

If your kitten is troubled with a problematic digestive system, this dry food will take care of it given its combination of easy-to-digest protein, prebiotics, & fibers. The dry food is perfect for kittens in need of energy. It contains minerals, vitamins, & proteins to help promote faster body growth at different stages of a kitten’s life.

The kibble is soft yet crunchy enough to let your kitten enjoy the taste and texture while teething. The pellets are ideally sized to ensure that your kittens with a small mouth can chew it easily. The flavor and aroma are desirable even for picky eaters.

The formula’s proprietary blend of vitamin E and antioxidants ensures that your kitten’s defenses function at their optimum. In addition, Royal Canin Chaton also promotes an optimal intestinal flora for better stool.


  • Supports kittens in need of a high amount of energy
  • Texture tailored for kittens that are picky eaters
  • Promotes healthy digestion with thriving gut flora
  • Ideally-sized kibbles that can easily fit into your kitten’s mouth
  • It helps promote better immune health for growing kittens


  • It might make your kittens gaseous
  • It contains a lot of filler ingredients that might lead to weight gain

7. Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food

Purina Friskies Cat Food

For pet parents that have to deal with picky eaters, nothing could beat the taste and nutrition bought in by Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food. The package comes in 5.5-ounce weight with a total of 40 cans designed for kittens of all breeds.

The wet food comes in 4 different flavors: Mariner’s Catch, Salmon Dinner, Ocean WhiteFish-Tuna Dinner, & Chicken-Tuna Dinner. This variety helps keep your kitten happy if they tend to get bored easily with the same old chicken flavor.

Created with the perfect blend of poultry and seafood, this wet cat food will surely tempt your kitten to empty the bowl. The texture of the food is smooth with a tasty aroma & flavor. In addition, the formula contains Taurine, which helps support healthy vision and heart health.

Purina Friskies also provides your kitten with 100 percent balanced and complete nutrition for steady body growth. The formula comprises real chicken and fish that has a palate-pleasing texture. With the Purina Friskies, you can be assured of the protein quality to help your kitten explore, jump, climb, or even knock off things from the table.

The Purina Friskies wet food isn’t just good for your kitten in terms of nutrition but also for hydration.


  • It helps maintain good urinary health for growing kittens
  • It doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary filler ingredients
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives
  • Affordably priced wet cat food
  • Variety of flavors to choose from for picky eaters


  • It might cause the cat to throw up
  • Can cause your kitten to gain weight if the portion isn’t controlled

8. Tiki Cat Grain-Free Grill Variety Pack

Seafood in Broth for Adult Cats & Kittens

The Tiki Cat Grain-Free variety pack is available in 2.8 ounces and 6-ounces packs. It provides your kitten with a balanced and complete nutrition profile. The formulation is perfect for both kittens and adult cats in need of a lot of energy.

The moisture-loaded wet food ensures that your cat doesn’t need any other source of hydration. In addition, it helps keep your cat’s urinary health at its optimum while preventing urinary crystal formation. Tiki Cat provides your kitten with all-real meat as the first ingredient.

Your kitten gets all the necessary nutrition at a pocket-friendly price without compromising on the taste factor. If your kitten is a picky eater, it would surely love the taste and texture of the wet food. Tiki Cat wet food is formulated with high-quality protein that offers your cat a delicious flavor acquired from fresh seafood ingredients.

The food contains high-quality ingredients loaded with high protein and real fish, minus the grains, carbohydrates, fillers, or by-products.


  • It doesn’t contain carrageenan or GMO ingredients
  • It contains real broth to provide natural hydration
  • It comes in 6 unique flavors to entice your kitten
  • Features flaked fishes with whole food ingredients
  • It doesn’t contain any carbohydrates and is high in protein


  • It doesn’t contain any vegetables or fruits
  • New formula change doesn’t bode well with certain kittens

9. Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Dry Kitten Food

DHA for Brain & Eye Development

The Wellness Complete Health kitten food is available in two weight variants that include 5.5 pound and 2.25-pound bags. This all-natural pet food is perfect for cat breeds of all sizes. In addition, the formula contains healthy chicken protein in the right amount to help your kitten thrive for years to come.

This dry kitten food is formulated with expert advice from nutritionists, scientists, and veterinarians. Wellness dry food is formulated especially for kittens that are allergic to gluten present in grains. In addition, the taurine content present in the formula helps ensure that your kitten stays healthy and disease-free.

Further, the kitten food ensures that your pet’s heart and eye health stays at its optimum. Wellness Complete Health focuses on the stable growth of the entire body while providing them with a lot of energy to help keep the weight in check.

The formula also helps maintain a lustrous coat and skin for your kitten while boosting their digestion & immunity. In addition, if your kitten is in the phase of developing teeth, this dry kitten food ensures that their gums and teeth remain healthy at all times.

The kitten food has been formulated with controlled minerals that aid urinary health with the right flavor and texture. The ingredients used in the kitten food are sourced globally while keeping in mind your kitten’s dietary requirements.


  • It contains non-GMO ingredients to facilitate the reduction of inflammation
  • Contains deboned chicken & chicken meal without any by-products
  • Supports a kitten’s developing immune system
  • It contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals
  • Supports a healthy eye and brain development


  • It might cause diarrhea when the portion isn’t controlled
  • The smell of the food is somewhat off

10. Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry Kitten Food

Grain Free Kitten Food

The Instinct Original Dry Kitten Food comes in a 4.5-pound pack with chicken flavor and high-quality protein ingredients. The chicken protein added to the formula is sourced from cage-free and healthy chickens. In addition, the formula contains 81 percent real-animal and hygienic ingredients that include nutritious oils.

With this dry kitten food, you can ensure that your kitten gets the right amount of fiber with 19 percent fruits, vegetables, & other necessary ingredients. In addition, dry food supplements your pet with enough energy to help them enjoy playtime throughout the day.

Moreover, the formula contains healthy probiotics that ensure better immunity and digestive health. The omegas present in this dry food ensure that your kitten has soft fur and healthy skin. Instinct Original doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients such as soy, wheat, corn, potato, grains, or by-product meals.

The dry food is safe for your kitten as it nourishes them without any harmful colors, additives, or preservatives.


  • Each kibble is lined with freeze-dried nutritional raw for taste
  • Uses whole ingredients as opposed to by-products
  • It doesn’t contain a lot of filler ingredients
  • Ensures fast brain and bone development for growing kittens
  • Better digestion and strong immune health


  • Pellets are a bit bigger for small kittens
  • It might make your kitten gaseous when served without water

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Now that you have a complete list of the best dry and wet food for kittens, you can ensure better health and growth for your lovely pet. Do not forget to slow the change to help your kitten adapt to the new food.