5 Best Cat Food for Bengals in 2022

best cat food for bengals

Bengal cats are an energetic breed that is always full of energy. Moreover, they belong to the large feline breed category and need a diet that ensures an active lifestyle & delivers ample energy. So, what is the best cat food for bengals? Let us check out the top choices for your cat’s nutrition-rich lifestyle.

1. The Top Rated Food for Bengals

Natural Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food, Chicken

For large cats such as the Bengal Cat, you need to pick a diet that provides ample energy for their daily activities. The Blue Buffalo high-protein cat food provides your feline friend with crucial nutritional supplements that pump them with energy.

Available in 2, 5, and 11-pound packs, this dry cat food comes in a delicious chicken flavor. The formula contains all-real chicken that tends to the pet’s wild side. In addition, the protein content helps your cat maintain a lean muscle density without compromising the weight factor.

This dry cat food doesn’t contain any grain particles, which is helpful for cats that are allergic to gluten content. In addition, the formula supports and maintains a healthy weight for your cat while ensuring healthy digestive health. Blue Buffalo also contains essential LifeSource bits that feature a precise combination of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants.

Animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians select all the ingredients in this cat food to support your pet’s immune health. The food doesn’t contain by-product meals, wheat, corn, artificial flavors, soy, or harmful preservatives. It is also listed in our best cat food brands.

This cat food is perfect for Bengal cats that remain indoors with minimal activity. Blue Buffalo ensures a healthy coat and skin with an optimal balance of healthy fatty acids. In addition, the food ensures enough skin hydration to avoid flakiness, dandruff, or similar skin issues.

With Blue Buffalo, you also get access to high-quality fiber content that ensures faster and better absorption of nutrients present in the food.


  • Maintains healthy eyes and heart with optimum Taurine content
  • It doesn’t contain any corn or soy content that might cause digestive issues
  • It doesn’t contain a lot of calories to avoid weight gain
  • It contains complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes for nutrient absorption
  • It contains a rich amount of antioxidants acquired from carrots, cranberries, & blueberries


  • It needs to be served with water to ensure hydration for cats
  • The Amount of LifeSource bits is a bit less

2. Sheba Perfect Portions Gravy Wet Cat Food

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food Tray Variety Packs

Available in salmon, chicken, and turkey flavors, the Sheba Wet Food is perfect for large cat breeds like the Bengal Cat. This cat food is available in 2.6 ounces packs of 2, 12, & 24. It is perfect for cats that don’t drink the required amount of water daily.

The food contains soft and delectable pieces paired with an irresistible and delicious gravy content that picky cats love. In addition, this wet food contains individual trays comprised of fresh and tasty meals that ensure a mess-free eating experience for the cats.

The cat food serving trays are easy to use and perfect for busy pet parents who don’t have additional time for the cleanup process. Snap the tray, peel, & serve it to your cat. Sheba cat food is made without corn, grain, soy, or wheat, which could be a reason to induce allergies in several cats, especially adult, and older cats.

Additionally, the cat food also doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or flavors that keep your cat healthy at all times. It also contains a balanced amount of Taurine to help reduce any possibilities of allergies.


  • It consists of 84 percent moisture to help maintain urinary health
  • Perfect for cats of all age groups
  • Delicious gravy makes the food more enticing for cats
  • It doesn’t create any mess with an easy-to-use design
  • It contains all-real protein ingredients with minimum fillers


  • The portion of food isn’t enough for large cats
  • It might cause bloating issues in certain cats

3. IAMS The Best Cat Food for Bengals

best cat food for bengals

Enriched with the goodness of chicken and salmon, the IAMS Proactive dry cat food for Bengal Cats is a perfect dietary choice for daily needs. This proprietary cat food is available in 3.5lb, 7lb, 16lb, and 22lb packages. These dry pellets are perfectly sized to ensure that your cat can chew them with ease.

Moreover, these dry and crunchy pellets ensure that your cat doesn’t have plaque or tartar development issues. The best thing about this cat food is that it contains chicken meat as its first ingredient. Thus, it gives your cat access to a high-quality protein that helps them stay energetic throughout the day.

This nutrient-rich food helps ensure that your cat maintains weight without gaining unnecessary pounds. IAMS Proactive also contains natural fiber & prebiotics to support healthy digestion. Furthermore, the food helps promote a glossy coat and healthy skin, given its formulation that contains a balanced amount of fatty acids. This helps avoid the onset of issues such as dandruff or flaky skin, given the moisture supplementation in the skin.

The product is manufactured in the United States with the finest quality ingredients sourced globally. IAMS also nourishes your cat’s heart while providing essential nutrients that include potassium and calcium.


  • Provides a complete & balanced nutrition profile for growing cats
  • It doesn’t contain any filler ingredients
  • It helps retain muscle mass for weight maintenance
  • Delivers high-quality protein with natural chicken meat
  • Maintains a healthy digestive system with natural prebiotics and fiber


  • It might cause gas issues in older cats
  • Not ideal for cats with a sensitive stomach

4. Hill’s Science Grain-Free Dry Cat Diet

Hill's Science Diet

The Hill’s Science dry cat food is perfect for Bengal Cats in need of weight management. The cat food is also ideal for cats that have issues with digestion. This chicken and rice formulation is available in 3.5 pounds, 7 pounds, 13 pounds, and 15.5 pounds packs.

The dry food can also be available in a salmon and yellow pea recipe, perfect for pets that don’t like chicken or have allergic issues. In addition, Hill’s Science contains naturally occurring prebiotic fiber that helps fuel your cat’s gut bacteria while supporting a healthy microbiome.

This ensures your cat can absorb nutrients well through a thorough digestion process minus any inflammation or gastritis issues. Moreover, the formulation ensures your cat doesn’t suffer from diarrhea or constipation while producing stools of perfect texture.

With Hill’s Science, you can also ensure that your cat’s skin is nourished with fatty acids and vitamin E that help maintain the skin’s hydration and gloss. Created with all-natural ingredients, veterinarians highly recommend this cat food. All ingredients are quality checked and sourced globally to produce the best cat food with high nutrition value.

Moreover, the food doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, synthetic colors, or flavoring that could hamper the cat’s digestive health of Bengal cats. Finally, each pellet is sized accurately to ensure that your cat can chew it easily.


  • It contains prebiotic fiber that nourishes your cat’s digestive system
  • It helps promote healthy fur and skin
  • It contains prebiotics that helps maintain healthy levels of gut bacteria
  • It contains omega acids and vitamin-E to provide skin hydration
  • Recommended by veterinarians with clinically proven ingredients


  • Some cats don’t like the formula change
  • Portion needs to be kept in check to avoid weight gain

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food with Real Meat & Brown Rice

Available in chicken and salmon flavor, the Rachael Ray dry cat food is perfect for adult cats and is enriched with the goodness of brown rice. This cat food is available in packs of 3 pounds, 6 pounds, and 14 pounds.

The formula consists of wholesome ingredients that include fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, this dry cat food consists of essential minerals, vitamins, & healthy amino acids for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Rachael Ray dry cat food also contains beet pulp that serves as a natural source of fiber for relief from constipation issues. Moreover, the prebiotics added to the formula helps support the healthy maintenance of the gut bacteria population.

The small kibbles are easy for young and old cats to chew & swallow. The kibble’s texture also ensures that there isn’t any plaque or tartar formation in your cat’s teeth. This dry cat food is also safe for daily consumption as it doesn’t contain any added meat by-products or fillers.


  • It doesn’t contain wheat, corn, or soy that helps relieve digestive issues
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or colors
  • It contains real chicken meat raised in farms for high-quality protein
  • It contains a good amount of Taurine for reduced inflammation issues
  • It helps maintain ideal weight for indoor cats


  • Needs to be served with additional water to ensure hydration
  • It might cause urinary issues in older cats

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With these options in mind, the next time you shop for a healthy food option for your Bengal Cat, make sure you consider these choices. Remember, not every food option would be ideal for your cat. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to understand what suits your cat the best and purchase accordingly.