10 Best Cat Food Bowls in 2022 (Reviews)

best cat food bowls

Apart from temperament and grooming, cats are not high-maintenance creatures. They can live without accessories as they live in the wild, but every cat needs a bowl, a pair of them for water and food.

The best cat food bowls promote healthy digestion, reduces neck strain, banishes whisker fatigue, and bring pleasure to mealtime; for pet parents easy to clean and is supposed to be sturdy, comfortable, and durable. Selecting the best cat bowl may feel like an insignificant and humble purchase, but you can trust us when we say it can make a difference to your kitty’s mealtime; it does.

Price should not be a leading factor while perusing the aisles for the best cat food to put in your furkid’s bowl. It can be tempting to choose a nice-looking deep and durable bowl that can hold lots of food, but in reality, shallower bowls are better for felines.

Before moving forward let’s have a quick look at our recommendations of the best cat food bowls:

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We only recommend buying dishwasher-safe bowls to make your furkid’s life easier and have a stress-free cleaning experience. If your feline is quite messy, a design with high protective walls can keep food in the bowl instead of all over the floor.

When you start searching online, you will find far more options than you might have expected, making the selection process more difficult as every manufacturer claims the best badge.

Selecting one of them is a major task. To help our readers, we reviewed dozens of cat bowls and only listed top brands available.

Our experts recently updated the list of the best cat food brands; these are foods made for better health and growth, you can trust them.

1. Y YHY Cat Bowl Anti Vomiting, Raised Cat Food Bowl

It is made with the most preferred material, a long-lasting and way to clean option. As an elevated cat bowl, it puts the cat mouth at a very suitable position in relation to its stomach that causes less pressure on the neck, supports hip and joints, and helps to swallow more easily.

The design is ideal for alleviating the occasional vomiting of cats and is suitable for flat face cats, do not disturb the whiskers while on the other side; its weight gives it a sturdy grip on the floor so cats cannot push off the bowl.

It’s a fact that when cats eat at natural neck position level, they finish their meal in one go; wider and stable base large bowl opening is another two reasons we recommend it most.


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • The ideal height of 3.6 inches, while the minimum is 2 inches
  • The tilted design keeps the food at the bottom
  • Suitable for flat-faced cats


  • Nothing finds not love

2. Light Non-Slip Stainless Steel Dog cat Bowl

If your cat suffers from whisker fatigue and you are looking for a competent solution, then a wise and shallow enough food bowl that doesn’t require pulling back the whiskers while eating is listed above—made with pure stainless steel and high walls to keep the mess inside.

The design not only provides stress-free eating but is truly made for enjoying the dining experience. The detachable antiskid rubber is a real beauty of this bowl; it keeps it in place while food is inside and makes it perfect for flat surfaces.

It is unnecessary to buy some expensive and fancy cat dishes to keep your feline well-fed, the product in the spotlight is more durable than all other listings here, a simple yet well-built one that works well for all ages cats.


  • Food grade premium stainless steel
  • Helps with chin acne prevention
  • Corrosion-resistant cat dish
  • The multipurpose dish can be used for water or food


  • Design is not attractive or fancy enough
  • The bottom nonskidding silicone rubber start tearing off after a year

3. Cat Feeding Wide Bowls to Stress Relief of Whisker Fatigue

Multipurpose cat bowls can be used for dry food/canned food, goodies, and water, suitable for all pets inside your house, and made from food-grade 5A Melamine material, which is completely BPA-free non-toxic, non-allergic, and free from smells.

Cure and affordable, wide and shallow angled, preventing whisker fatigue, sized appropriately can hold the right amount of food so there will not be any overfeeding and it promotes healthy. Simple yet pretty design, dishes are quite durable and equipped with an anti-slipping mechanism.

Since they are small and adorable looking, they take very little space and are very easy to fit in any corner of the house. Each bowl can hold up to 250ml water and 8oz dry or canned food.

We recommend this tactile, shiny, and cat-shaped bowl for homes with multiple cats, you can buy a set of two or three, and it will be enough for food, water, and treats.


  • Cat ear molding design
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and noiseless during use
  • Microwave safe and machine washable
  • Enhances the cat’s eating speed and enthusiasm


  • Not dishwasher safe due to silicone pads at the bottom

4. Neater Pet Brands Hammered Copper Finish Pet Bowl

Neater pet brand bowl is ideal for those who always love handmade products. No doubt, handmade products add a lot of value to your love for pets. It’s a large 5.5″ diameter and has high walls of 1.75″; this size is right enough to keep the food and water inside.

A beautiful and elegant copper finish bowl is one that you can keep visible inside your house. While on the other side it can be a great gift for pet parents.


  • It comes with a non-skid rubber base
  • Made with a pure stainless-steel bowl
  • Hold 2 Cups of food and water
  • A laudable design


  • Not a shallow design
  • Not suitable for sensitive whiskers

5. Anti-Ants Food Bowl

Ants can be a big problem if they find you cat food once; that means they can appear any time, and once they get in, cats will never eat that food. There can be many ways to add a boundary or soccer to keep the ants away.

The product in the spotlight has two bowls and built-in soccer, which you can fill with water to keep the ants away. It is not a futuristic design but an authentic solution to solve the ant’s problem. The size can hold 5 cups of water and 40oz food, and this capacity makes it perfect for small and large cats.

Made with the improved PP material, which is strong and safe for the environment as its thickness adds to the durability.


  • Dishwasher safe dish
  • Two in one bowl with large capacity
  • A perfect water moat design
  • It can be used for cats and dogs


  • No non-skidding protection is available
  • Not suitable for flat-faced cats

6. Elevated & Tilted Raised Double Cat Bowls

Two are better than one. These two tilted and elevated cat bowls are perfect for keeping the feline’s neck easy and in a natural position during mealtime. Significantly designed for 15 degrees that put less pressure on the neck, promote good digestive health.

The cute kitty-shaped bowl is an attractive and clear design that allows one to see inside; the bowls are deep enough and can hold up to 6 ounces of food and water. You may use both bowls for food or one for water and the other for food.

Its oblique rim reduces cat food dropping, and a 15-degree tilted design protects the pet’s cervical spine, which ultimately helps to release the stress. As a result, we recommend it for easy eating and comfortable licking.

The 3.1 inches raised design which is equipped with non-slip rubber, prevents it from sliding.


  • Detachable bowls are easy to clean
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • More durable and stable
  • Free from nasty smells


  • Easily titled not suitable for cats who tilt the bowls
  • Only accommodate a small amount of water

7. PetHaven Stainless Steel Double Wall Cat Bowl

Many cat bowls are sold in matching sets and colors which suit your home décor. PetHaven bowls are made to look stylish and durable. Pet parents like this model because of its double walls, durable steel, wider base, and cure design.

It’s made with the 304-food grade 18/8 stainless steel; this material gives it sturdiness and makes it easy to clean and corrosion-resistant to many acids that are commonly found in cat foods.

A safe option for food and beverages, no chemical can migrate into cat food from this product.

Double walls mean maximum temperature retention, keep the water cool for long hours. At the same time, its rubber base keeps the bowl from sliding and flipping so the pet can eat and drink comfortably.


  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Dishwasher Safe and easy to sanitize
  • Large non-skidding base
  • Minimize the food and water spill


  • For many cats, it’s a large bowl
  • Not suitable for flat-faced cats

8. Glass Raised Cat or Small Dog Dishes with Metal Stand

This is an elevated cat bowl that is perfect for keeping your kitty’s neck comfortable during mealtime—scientifically designed with the right height to promote digestive health in indoor cats and reduce the burden on the cervical spine. Easier meal time and less pressure on joints is the motive behind this design.

You might not like its straightforward design, but its clear bowl allows the cats to see inside the bowl, which is deep enough to hold a one-time meal, even can be used for multiple cats.

Glass containers are easier to clean and, if stored well, can last for many of the coming years. In addition, many pet parents express their kitties love this bowl and will feed comfortably from it compared to other bowls.


  • Made with pet safe and non-toxic material
  • Reduce the burden on carnival spine
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Scratchless bowls provide clear visibility inside


  • No anti-skidding machoism found

9. Plastic Bowls for Food & Water

It’s made with stain-resistant plastic, which is free from chemicals, lightweight, microwave safe, has good room for whiskers, is resistant to bacteria, and is available in different colors and in a set of three.

You cannot choose the single color from the pack of three like most brands to allow you to choose the color, but it can be a perfect choice if you are on a tight budget and want a quality bowl for your feline. It’s unbreakable and perfectly safe for pets.

But you might miss the anti-skidding mechanism; it only has small feet, which are not enough to hold it tight on the flat surface—not specifically marketed as dishwasher safe but easy to clean with handwash and occasional dishwashing shouldn’t damage it.


  • Most affordable option
  • In price of one, you will get three bowls
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Ideal for families with small pets


  • Made with the plastic material
  • Easily skid on tiles and flat surface

10. Y YHY Raised Cat Bowls for Indoor Cats

Beautiful, minimalist in look, convenient, and sturdy elevated pet dish is a great choice for all pet parents who wish their cats to have the best dining experience. Strong stand made from steel and bowls is made with ceramics, so you will have a quality product that solves all of your kitty’s dining issues.

It is a best-looking pet feeder black finish stand, and 12oz bowls are available in three different colors, which complies with any home décor. However, it is quite small and best suited for cats and small breed puppies.


  • Put a cat’s mouth at a suitable position in relation to its stomach
  • Suitable height to stop ants from finding the cat food
  • Bowls are shallow and wide
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe


  • Not suitable for kittens

Buyer’s Guide

Cat bowls are fairly simple products; you might think that there is no need to get into detail, but there are features that can make one best than others.

We do not want you to end up with a poor-quality purchase that your cat may not like due to its strange smells and terrifying color. So here is the list of things that you must consider before buying this accessory.

Deciding Between Simple and Raised Bowls

Whether we have pets in our home or not, we all are well familiar with simple bowls used in our kitchens. But there is another type of bowl which are called raised bowels especially used for pets. They offer some specific benefits like:

  • They are called feeding stations, have benefits for all ages and breeds, available in different sizes and heights.
  • Eating from an appropriate height improves digestion in cats.
  • Minimize the number of air pets swallow.
  • Prevent choking and bloat.
  • Reduce neck stress, so the cat can enjoy mealtime.
  • Contribute to good posture and avoid pressure on joints and hip
  • Keeps the insects, dust, dirt, and rodents away

A raised bowl can be a great addition to your cat’s accessories as it can bring a lot of convenience for your cat.


This is important because it decides the durability of a product; moreover, some materials are easy to clean while some are not. So, what material do you want:

  1. Stainless Steel: A nonporous popular material, bowls made with stainless steel are dishwasher and easy to clean; they are bacteria resistant and extremely durable. But on the other side, pets can push these bowls easily and be noisy; lastly, you cannot put them into the microwave.
  2. Porcelain, Ceramics, and Stone: These are the most commonly used material in the home kitchen, highly bacteria-resistant, free from smells, dishwasher safe; you can place them in the microwave. While on the downside, they are easy to break and not suitable for messy cats.
  3. Glass: Just like porcelain and stainless steel, glass bowls are a fantastic choice for cat parents; they are nonporous, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and can be used to heat the food in the microwave. But you cannot put these bowls in the areas where your cats frequent as they are easy to break.
  4. Plastic: You may get attracted to these bowls because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and easily available in local stores, but there are few reasons why you should not buy a plastic bowl for your cat.
    • Plastic scratches easily, and those scratches provide an opportunity for bacteria to breed in; they can potentially cause health problems that might lead to higher medical costs.
    • Most plastic is not BPA-free; BPA is an industrial chemical that is harmful to pets and humans.
    • Harbor smells: cats may stop eating due to strange smells or reduce their intake.
    • Not dishware safe: high temperature can change the chemical structure of plastic and may cause the BPA to leech into cat food much faster.
    • Not Safe to use in the microwave: you must heat your cat’s food in some other bowl that is microwave safe, then put it into the plastic bowl for the safety of your feline.
  5. Wood: Not used commonly, but many pet parents prefer this material because it’s BPA-free, sturdy, and attractive. But not recommended as their surface can be a perfect place for bacteria to grow and create health challenges for felines.

Non-Skid Bottom

For me, the non-skid bottom is the most important factor to consider because it provides a better grip, and the cat cannot move it all around. Especially on a hard floor cat can easily slide a bowl flat on the bottom; if you keep your cat’s bowl on the carpet, then it’s not an important feature to consider; the carpet itself provides grip to bowls.

A skidding bowl can damage the floor and may cause expensive repairs.

High Walls

Highly important to consider when buying for messy cats, high walls ensure food remains inside the bowel. Messy cats move their heads and spread food all over the floor that is hard to clean and collect.

A bowl with high walls is a competent solution, and it can keep the food inside.

Shape, Design, and Appearance

You will be forced to look at your cat’s dish every day, and it can be frustrating if it is a design you do not like. So, pick a design that fascinates you, attracts you, and looks good in your house as well; others do not comment on its shape and design. You have to live with it, and they are taking up space in your house. You need to pay attention to design and shape.

Aside from these, you also need to keep in mind that cats are sensitive whiskers, and to protect them,, you must buy a shallow dish but very wide dish This ensures cats’ whiskers won’t hit the side of bowls while eating and drinking.

So again, we suggest only whisker-friendly cat dishes.


A cat will need two dishes, one for water and one for food, but most manufacturers are selling dishes individually. So you have to purchase two if you find a pair that might cost you less or buy any two pieces.

Two-in-one bowls are available with stands for food and water, but they are often more expensive than individual bowls.

Price, Price Should not be the Leading Factor

Just like me, you might also have a budget in mind for your pet products and need to stick with them. If it’s large, pick a premium one and if you are limited in your budget, then choose one that fulfills the criteria mentioned above.

Ideally, you do not have to spend tons to get the best cat food bowl; just make sure you determine the needs and pick the right one. If you already have plastic made, we suggest getting a ceramic or porcelain made to attract your cat to drink more.

Finally, you can compare multiple products to get the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a caring pet parent, you need to know how much-wet cat food is for cats is necessary for a day and how long it takes for a cat to digest food to offer more.

To offer something premium, learn how to make your cat food and if you have a dog at home, then knowing why cat food is bad for dogs help you to keep your both pet healthy.


What do we recommend most? As we define in the criteria, we recommend raised, 15 degrees tilted, wide, shallow, and dishwasher safe bowls made with ceramics. Undoubtedly, our first recommendations have all of these characteristics and one that cat parents love most.

You might be having a different cat, so we recommend reading our full review and then ascertaining which type of bowls suits your cat.